How to lose two stone in 100 days (according to a woman who's done it)

Marga transformed her body in 100 days by cutting four things from her diet and exercising every day [Photo: Instagram/margabanaga]
Marga transformed her body in 100 days by cutting four things from her diet and exercising every day [Photo: Instagram/margabanaga]

A woman has lost over two stone in just 100 days by cutting four things from her diet.

Meet Marga Banaga. Like many of us, Marga’s New Year’s resolution this year was to lose weight.

According to a poll by Comres vowing to lose weight is the second most common New Year’s resolution with a third of us setting ourselves a weight loss goal.

But unlike the hundreds of people who gave up by the second Friday in January (officially known as Quitters Day), Marga actually kept on track and completely transformed her body in the process.

Taking to Instagram, the 25-year-old from Manila shared her before and after pictures to illustrate her body journey.

“I did it!!!! I survived 100 days of eating clean and trying to workout everyday!” she wrote in the accompanying caption.

Over the course of her transformation challenge, Marga lost an impressive 13kg by ditching just four things from her diet – alcohol, meat, cheese and sweets.

“100 days of no alcohol and no meat. 100 days of finding time to workout almost everyday. 100 days of not giving in to food temptations,” she explained in her Instagram post.

Exercise and fitness was also important and Magda also tried to work out every day and became a dab hand at meal planning, which she credits for helping her to avoid healthy choices.

“Never really had a cheat day (but would find healthier alternatives to something if I was craving it and would still stay in my allotted calorie intake),” she wrote.

Magda also decided to document her health and fitness journey on her YouTube channel, with the video racking up more than 12,000 views.

She says it was feeling unconfident about her body that prompted her to start the 100 days of healthy eating.

“I was really not happy with the way I looked, but more importantly the way I felt,” she says in her YouTube video.

“So I knew I really had to make a change.”

She admitted to trying to do the 100 day challenge last year, but was lacking the motivation she has now.

“I said in my mind, January 15 is the day I change my life, it will be the day I start living a healthy lifestyle, working out, being more positive and meditating,” she explained.

Marga also reveals some of the staples in her 100 day diet included fruit, fish, vegetables, quinoa and overnight oats.

She realised early on that intermittent fasting didn’t work for her, so she made the decision to listen to her body, only eat when hungry and not eat past 6pm.

Although she achieved her goals Marga admits it wasn’t always easy and there were days when she felt like giving up, but somehow found the motivation to keep going.

Day 67 proved particularly tricky as her brother suddenly passed away and unsurprisingly she explained that she hadn’t been working out or eating for a couple of days.

Eventually though, Marga was able to overcome her grief to get back on track and went on to successfully complete the 100 day challenge.

That doesn’t mean she’s going back to her old regime though as Marga admits to feeling addicted to her new healthy lifestyle.

“Now that the 100 days are over, I need to challenge myself even more,” she writes in her Instagram post. “Thinking of counting my macros so I can get all the nutrients I need and I’m thinking of lifting weights already! Need to push myself even more!!”

Go Marga!!

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