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    Do you know your SUX from your DOH? Take our airport name quiz

    Tempers are flying in Italy. Or, more specifically, at Milan Malpensa, the country’s northern airport hub. Local officials have revealed plans to rename it after the country’s controversial former prime minister Silvio Berlusconi. The decision has been met with consternation among some Italians, although this isn’t the first time an airport name has caused upset.

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    How Jersey reinvented itself as the ultimate hiking island

    Back in the day, my grandparents holidayed in Jersey. Every year, same hotel. And they certainly weren’t alone. Thousands of Brits headed to the biggest Channel Isle for its VAT-free shopping and cheap booze.

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    What to do if you get ill on holiday abroad

    We all hope it never happens, but what do you do if you or a companion is taken seriously ill, or has an accident on holiday? What kind of treatment can you expect, how do you make sure you get it and how do you pay for it? And what happens if you need to be flown home in an air ambulance? Here are your questions answered.

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    The splendid Shropshire town where the Olympics was reborn

    You cannot see the Temple of Hera, the Parthenon or the Eiffel Tower from the top of Much Wenlock’s High Street.

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    Vibrant Weymouth feels just like the English seaside should

    All summer we are taking the pulse of our most famous traditional seaside towns, examining the efforts being made to regenerate them, and reflecting on whether they are still worth visiting. This week, Teresa Machan explores Weymouth.

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    Five essential things you should know before you board a P&O Cruises ship

    Sailing from its home port of Southampton, P&O Cruises flies the flag for British cruising with wallet-friendly holidays tailored to UK tastes. Alongside “no-fly” cruises it offers good-value fly-cruise holidays from London and nine regional airports to the Caribbean, Northern Europe, North America and the Mediterranean.

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    Running a B&B in France turned me into Basil Fawlty

    Showbusiness wasn’t meant to be like this; this was not what I’d had in mind at all. I’d driven in a daze for four hours back from a mediocre stand-up gig in Leeds to our tiny, Victorian semi in Crawley. It was now three in the morning. There had been a stroke of luck as I’d managed to find a parking space within walking distance of our house, but then I tripped over the dog as I stepped through the front door, waking our young son and with it my sleeping wife. I was not popular and not happy.

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