• Why Croatia offers the Med's ultimate island-hopping adventure for travel in 2022

    Islands have long been considered places of mystery and romance, little worlds apart, floating in an endless blue of sea and sky, where things are done differently. The Croatian islands are no exception and make for a truly blissful summer escape – each with its own identity, eccentricities and proud, hospitable locals keen to share their unique histories and traditions.

  • 10 glorious German rail journeys for under £10 (total) in summer 2022

    Travelling by train is the best way to discover Germany – its integrated rail network criss-crosses the country, connecting big cities and remote villages, traversing some stunning scenery along the way. And this summer it’s even better. Tickets on Deutsche Bahn, Germany’s national rail operator, have always been good value, but in June, July and August they’re virtually giving them away. You can buy a “9-Euro-Ticket” which gives you unlimited travel throughout Germany for just £7.66 per month (

  • Europe's best luxury camping holidays for summer 2022

    Few sectors of the travel industry are booming like glamping. Increasing numbers of us want the immersive outdoor experience without having to compromise on creature comforts (or Instagrammable hot tubs). According to a report from Grand View Research, the global glamping market was valued at $2.35 billion (£1.87 billion) in 2021 and is estimated to rise to $5.94 billion in 2030.

  • Malta or Cyprus – which is best for your summer holiday?

    There is much to be said – in these times of inflating prices and the endgame of a pandemic – for the steady presence of an old reliable. We have endured two years where the hope of relaxation has come weighted with rules, restrictions and the nagging sense that even the best-laid plans can fall apart. For all its difficulties, 2022 needs to do better. To offer travel reassurance, holiday certainty – and the guarantee of an untroubled place in the sun.

  • Quirky places to stay that make the most of Britain's great outdoors

    Farm lodges, seaside pods, shepherds' huts and grand yurts (with roll-top baths to boot). Break the mould this summer and make the most of the great British outdoors with one of these boujee alternative stays… And not a leaky tent or sleeping bag in sight.

  • What to do if the rail strike means you can't get to the airport for your holiday

    Further National rail strikes scheduled for this weekend are expected to cause major problems for anyone who has to travel in the UK. We have highlighted the biggest problem areas and done our best to answer the key questions and provide a few solutions.

  • Britain's 10 most beautiful bus routes

    With the railway network grinding to a halt due to industrial action, and more strikes on the horizon, our attention turns to a different kind of public transport, where things move at an even slower pace than the railways.

  • The tactic that might just save your summer break

    A certain degree of trepidation comes with jetting abroad for a summer holiday this year. Airports – stressful at the best of times – have been overwhelmed by the return of mass tourism, leading to long queues at security checkpoints, while staff shortages have seen hundreds of departures from the UK cancelled each week, some with less than an hour’s notice.

  • How to get a job in a ski resort this winter: latest advice and tips

    “Doing a season — or working in a ski resort — has long been a rite of passage for ski-mad Britons. As inventors of the catered ski chalet holiday, it’s been British workers who have staffed these chalets for decades, as well as many of the bars and nightclubs in resorts popular with holidaymakers from Britain in the Alps.

  • The Maldives is a beach island paradise – but it's not for me

    Before I went off to Joali Being, an ultra-hip wellness resort in the Maldives, I filled in a questionnaire. This wasn’t just a holiday apparently but a “transformational journey”, so they wanted to customise a programme for this “nature immersive wellbeing island”. My goal was basic. Heat, sea and sundowners. But Joali Being is set up for guests to return home with a new sense of “weightlessness”. Yikes. Maybe I would merely float away.

  • Could your flight be cancelled? Check our timeline of summer strikes and disruption

    Holidaymakers face a summer of flight chaos, as British Airways has become the latest airline to announce strike action during the peak holiday period.

  • We've found the secret to being able to afford multiple luxury holidays a year

    Catherine and Rod Banner frequently open their modern and inviting Wandsworth home to strangers. Their stylish place, which they have affectionately named Assisi, after the Italian hill town in the province of Perugia, has a sprawling designer kitchen-dining area and floor-to-ceiling windows, with views on to a tropical garden terrace. This summer, it will become a relaxing London retreat for another family – whom they have never met – as the couple jet off to an exotic destination.

  • The best family-friendly hotels in England for travelling as a pack

    Seen and not heard? Perhaps there was a time when this summed up the attitude towards children at many English hotels. Not today, happily. From Northumberland to Norfolk, there are plenty of hotels in the UK that shout about their family-friendly facilities. Head to the right places, and you’ll find high chairs at Michelin-starred meals, sumptuous suites with separate bunk rooms, bottle-warming services and babysitters. Mini wellies and mountain bikes await at country house hotels, while city bo

  • Flight cancelled or delayed? Here's how to claim compensation

    Flight cancellations and delays continue to affect British holidaymakers, making it more important than ever to know your rights when it comes to compensation, refunds and rebooking options.

  • Eight things you must do now if your flight has been cancelled

    We aren’t out of the woods yet. Flights are still being cancelled and the problem looks set to continue through the summer as airlines have been ordered to cancel more departures to avoid further disruption. If it happens to you, the quicker you act, the better the chance of mitigating the consequences.

  • Secrets of the Met Office: How to have the best chance of a rain-free staycation

    Summer holidays in the UK have it all – from the rugged South West coast to the rolling fells of Cumbria – but when it comes to guaranteeing the weather, a staycation is undeniably and unavoidably unpredictable.

  • Why a trip to the forest-bathing capital of Europe could change your life

    ‘It’s the first thing they do,” said adventure guide Maris Resnis. “For Latvians, when they’ve got time off, a holiday, whatever… they go to the forest. In the Soviet period, the Cheka [Latvian KGB] didn’t like to come into the countryside, so people thought in the forest they could be a little bit further from them, be together, and maybe talk of freedom.”

  • The uncrowded Italian city with culture, unbeatable food – and a beach to boot

    With a fascinating history stretching back thousands of years, some of the world's most spectacular mosaics, an appealing pedestrianised centre and tasty, authentic cuisine, Ravenna merits far more than a day trip. The city Dante Alighieri picked for his exile is home to long sandy beaches, ancient pine forests and nature reserves on the coast nearby. Ancient artefacts continue to be unearthed and thankfully it's a destination that is most definitely off the mass tourist trail.

  • The best things to do in Sardinia

    Where to start? Giants' tombs, mysterious Nuraghic fortresses, or exquisite sandy beaches lapped by impossibly turquoise sea? Then there’s the mountainous interior, excellent for hiking. But one of the best ways to experience Sardinia is to arrange your trip around one its many festivals. Sardinians are immensely proud of their traditions and you’ll see intricate costumes, taste local foods and hear some of the most unusual music – polyphonic folk singing, accompanied by launeddas (pipes) that h

  • The best restaurants in Sardinia

    The Sardinian’s love of good food is clear when you consider how many food festivals take place throughout the year, from La Festa dei Ricci (sea urchin) in the little town of Buggerru in April, and the Girotonno (tuna) in San Pietro in June, through to the Sagra delle Castagne (chestnut) in Aritzo in October. Due to Covid, some festivals may have been cancelled so, where possible, check here first.

  • The best nightlife and bars in Sardinia

    Sardinian nightlife is pretty laid-back, unless you’re hitting the chi-chi bars of the Costa Smeralda, but most visitors are happy with a sundowner, followed by a good dinner. That said, the Sardinians have a strong musical culture that has been influenced by the many invaders over the centuries, and there is nowhere better to experience this than at one of the many festivals that take place throughout the year.

  • How to spend a short break in Sardinia

    Sardinia is undoubtedly best known for limpid turquoise sea and exquisite beaches on the Costa Smeralda, but there are plenty of those elsewhere on the island too, and for a fraction of the price. Food and wine is just as important here as well – the island is a designated ‘Blue Zone’, a region where the people live longer and healthier lives than anywhere else on the planet.

  • The 10 most incredible beaches Sardinia

    The beaches in Sardinia are among the finest in the world, and with over 1,000 kilometres of coastline, there’s no shortage of spectacular places to pitch up, whether surrounded by archaeological ruins, looming granite cliffs or the local macchia – and of course all are lapped by impossibly limpid turquoise sea. Here are 10 of the best, but you can also take a boat out and find your very own private cove.

  • Amazon’s 5 bestselling suitcases are still available – some with Prime Day reductions

    From carry-on styles to larger sizes and sets that'll last a lifetime, these are Amazon bestsellers for a reason.

  • The most romantic hotels in the UK – when only a break for two will do

    Romance is elusive. It always involves two people but it can be found in myriad different ways, from the clichéd to the unexpected. When it comes to hotels, it’s not simply Champagne on ice and rose petals on the bed that hold the key to finding romance; it’s an amalgam of elements – the cloud-like comfort of that bed, the prettiness of the room, a well-chosen collection of books, a vase of country flowers – that makes the heart melt. Champagne in the bath or private hot tubs are all very well,

  • The best restaurants in Corfu

    Corfu’s Venetian rulers dealt a decisive hand in the island’s collective recipe book. Be selective about where you sample local fare such as sofrito (veal with garlic and parsley), bianco (fish stew) and pastitsada (beef, veal or cockerel casserole) and seek out lesser-known dishes. Deep in the heart of Corfu Old Town there are low-key mezedopolia (where meze is served), long-established restaurants and upscale eateries where inventive chefs do Corfiot cuisine differently. In spring and early au