• Travel to Thailand: latest Covid rules and pratical guidance

    Despite currently recording roughly 10,000 Covid-19 cases and 100 deaths a day, Thailand is pushing ahead with plans to reopen the country to vaccinated travellers from 10 countries, including China, Singapore, Germany, the United States and the United Kingdom, on November 1. Travellers from these 'low-risk' countries will not be required to quarantine, although they will still need to a negative PCR test before flying, and another test on arrival. If the second test is negative, visitors will t

  • This is where you should be heading on your first trip back to the USA

    With 50 states to choose from, there’s a dizzying choice of American holidays, says Sarah Marshall.

  • Travel to Singapore: latest Covid rules and practical guidance

    With 93 per cent of its population fully vaccinated and new cases hovering around 3,000 daily, Singapore is cautiously reopening to the world as part of its declared intention to “live with Covid”.

  • Travel to the UK: latest advice for overseas arrivals

    International visitors arriving in England from overseas are subject to, for the most part, the same rules as UK residents – if they were immunised in a country with a vaccine programme recognised by our Government.

  • A country-by-country guide to half-term testing rules

    Our holiday map has opened up with the culling of the red list to just seven destinations and the relaxation of testing rules for fully vaccinated adults (and under-18s).

  • The insider guide to the most secret Caribbean island of them all

    There are few places in the world where the greatest hazard on the roads is presented by copulating tortoises. But on the island of Mustique, during the hot and humid days of summer, they are such a feature that the publishing magnate and island regular, Felix Dennis, erected a giant statue of a couple mid-coitus on the island’s main crossroads.

  • Revealed: The ultimate ski destination for families on a budget

    Ski resorts don’t come much cheaper than Bansko in Bulgaria. So said the recent Post Office Travel Money ski resort survey. And with our two large beers costing 14 BGN (£6) at Happy End at the foot of the slopes, my husband and I were inclined to agree on our visit to the budget-friendly bolthole.

  • Kingston University complex wins prestigious architecture award: 9 more buildings around the world we’d love to learn in

    The Riba Sterling Prize has gone to the impressive university building, but it’s not the only educational building that’s inspirational.

  • 16 winter sun holidays in the Red Sea

    There is a solid argument that the Red Sea is a sea like no other – an incomparable body of water that packs more into its narrow, sun-kissed channel than any other on the planet. Even the quickest of glances at the atlas is enough to remind the casual observer of its geographic importance. For here is a line in the sand that, while only 221 miles across at its widest point, separates two continents in the style of an ocean. While we are at it, here too is a touchstone of legend and faith whose

  • The airports battling to be the world's biggest super-hub

    Last week I checked in for a flight, dropped off a hold bag, cleared immigration, entered the lounge and boarded the aircraft – just by using my face. I didn't even have to show my passport at immigration or get an exit stamp. Dubai is creating the first airport where anyone can use facial recognition to leave and enter the country. Once you’ve tried it, it instantly makes other airports look medieval.

  • Five of the best painting holidays for all abilities

    While other global leaders are sweating it out preparing for what is arguably the most important world summit for a generation, our dear Prime Minister was this week photographed at an easel on the balcony of his luxury holiday home in Marbella. Was it just for the paparazzi – another conveniently Churchillian scene – or maybe Johnson’s recent dabbles at nursery school art have persuaded him that he needs to refine his technique? Or perhaps he genuinely enjoys the diversion that art offers?

  • Travel to the Philippines: Latest Covid rules and practical guidance

    The Philippines has finally been removed from the red list, meaning that arrivals are no longer subject to a 10-day hotel quarantine on return to the UK.

  • The best ski holiday deals to book now

    Snow has begun to fall in the mountains of Europe and, with every flake, the optimism for the upcoming ski season continues to grow.

  • 10 Northern Lights cruises to book now

    The Northern Lights – or Aurora Borealis as they are officially known – have lit up winter skies over the Arctic since time immemorial, inspiring Norse myths and Viking legends.

  • The forgotten British rail routes we would love to return

    Exploring Dartmoor will become that much easier from next month. The Dartmoor Line between Okehampton and Exeter will resume regular passenger services on November 20, after an almost 50-year hiatus.

  • Last-minute UK holiday cottages with availability for half term

    If you're a last-minute planner or someone who has held off booking a half-term holiday on the assumption that everything had been snapped up long ago, you're not alone. Thankfully, there are still a clutch of fabulous holiday rentals available for the last week in October across the country.

  • Nine reasons why Singapore isn't the sterile business city you thought it was

    It's Asia's financial powerhouse, home to colonial-era edifices and sci-fi architecture, glow-in-the-dark gardens, awesome art collections, top shopping, sophisticated nightlife and vibrant heritage communities. It's got year-round sunshine, some of the best food on the planet and a fabulous array of hotels, from grande dames to designer high-rises, to boutique properties set in chalk-coloured shophouses, to large family-friendly resorts.

  • How two septuagenarian adventurers were finally won over by cruise

    The freshness of the early mornings melted away as late September sunlight slipped down the steep riverbanks to sparkle in the water. Each day of our journey, the warmth grew as the Viking Torgil longship glided along the Douro – a landscape of immaculately terraced hills and valleys, grapevines carefully cultivated on every possible scrap of land. Occasionally, the buildings of a quinta were spotted towering over us on a high point of the riverbank, but here, close to Portugal’s River of Gold,

  • What I learnt rollerblading the length of a country… in a day

    Bam! I had landed on my bottom for a second time after wheeling down a small hill, and I was starting to think maybe skating the length of Liechtenstein wasn’t the brightest of ideas. But determined to see my plan through, I wobbled back up onto six wheels and scooted after my more experienced skating friend, Marjolein.

  • The 20 best ski resorts in the world – according to you

    Here at Telegraph Travel, we’re always telling you which ski resorts are best for this or that, from the most convenient ski-in/ski-out places to the snowiest spots for early or late season.

  • Mushroom farms, Swedish forests and naughty Italian sculptures – has Expo 2020 Dubai been worth the wait?

    Promising a round the world trip in 24 hours, UAE’s grand global show is thought-provoking and fun, says Sarah Marshall.

  • Fresh from the red list, these destinations are ideal for a winter break

    Now the world has opened up, the choice of last-minute holidays have vastly expanded, says Sarah Marshall.

  • Travel to India: latest Covid rules and practical guidance as the country reopens to UK tourists

    India has announced it will reopen to selected leisure travellers from October 15, and further loosen its restrictions in November, as it finally restarts its international tourism industry.

  • Thailand reopens for some vaccinated visitors: 4 lesser-known places to see in the Land of Smiles

    The Southeast Asian country is set to welcome vaccinated UK travellers from November.

  • The pandemic travel trends – and how likely they are to stick around

    From the death of the overseas minibreak, to the rise of walking holidays, staycations and private jet charters, Covid has sparked a wide range of new travel trends – but how many are here to stay?

  • Beverley Callard and Jordan North on exploring Spain together

    A brand new show sees Beverley Callard and Jordan North team up to explore Spain together. Georgia Humphreys finds out more from the dynamic duo.