How to tone up your arms in time for summer

Are you panicking over the weather? No need to fear, as we asked a fitness expert for the lowdown on toning up our arms this summer… [Photo: Getty]

In record time, the sun’s welcome rays have managed to give the nation a jolly spring in its step.

We don’t know about you but this week’s calendar is looking pretty jam-packed with beer garden meet-ups, makeshift BBQs and regular trips to the ice cream van lined up…

Yet despite the thrilling possibility of finally being able to don our spring gear (about time, huh?), there’s a niggling worry at the back of our minds.

Although our newfound social life is just what we’ve been craving through the snow-laden months, we’ve neglected our gym habit a tad and we don’t know about you, but we’re in need of a little confidence boost before donning our spring shirt dress.

But no need to fear, as we asked Jamie Luis, Health & Fitness Manager at DW Fitness First Angel, for some top tips on how to tone up our arms ahead of the summer sun.

Can I tone my arms at home?

“One of the best ways to tone up your arms is to use under tension during your exercises, which gets the muscle working more through each repetition.

There are so many exercises you can do both at home and at the gym, as a lot can be achieved by just using body weight.”

Which exercises will help to tone up my arms?

Push ups and tricep dips are really effective exercises, as well as using a resistance band – which you can find in the gym or purchase and use at home.

Press ups and tricep dips will help tone up your arms this summer [Photo: Getty]

These will all give great results! But the workout I love the most for toning up the arms is boxing. It’s both cardio and resistance based training and we recently launched a class here at DW Fitness First called Sparr, which is a non-stop boxing class. It’s amazing for toning the arms!”

How long will it take to tone up my arms?

According to Luis, the amount of time it will take to achieve positive results differs depending on your body type. Your diet and how regular you train also plays a huge part in how fast you will see results.

What equipment do I need to tone up my arms?

“Body weight, and I would also recommend a resistance bands and a set of boxing gloves and pads!”

To find out more about Sparr classes, make sure to check out the DW Fitness First website.

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