Twitter reveals 2017's top New Year's resolutions

Diet, exercise and weight loss

The first thing that people think of doing after two weeks of overeating is a complete fitness overhaul. Whether it's signing up to a gym or taking on a hard-hitting diet, this was the number one resolution (and probably the most likely to be broken). [Photo: Instagram/amandabisk]

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This is a surprising number two. Instead of binge watching Netflix series, people are hoping to dig out the books for a year-long reading session. [Photo: Instagram/emmagannonuk]

Learn something new

A usual resolution. Pick up a new skill, take on a unique hobby. Some useful suggestions: learn a new language, become great at interior design or turn into the master of a certain sport. [Photo: Instagram/abeautifulmess]

Save money

Keeping on top of your finances will always be a struggle. But there's a few easy ways to save some pennies whether it's literally throwing coins into a jar or just reducing those after work drinks. [Photo: Instagram/clevergirlfinance]

Be nicer, kinder and more patient

With the world promoting those who like to alienate certain people, it's no wonder that many of us aimed to be a better person in general this year. [Photo: Instagram/pietagirlhouse]

Get a new job

January is the time for change. So if you feel stuck in a rut or underappreciated in your current position, why not search for something new? [Photo: Instagram/careergirldaily]

Volunteer and donate more to charity

Global atrocities are happening right under our noses so it's about time we did something to help rather than simply thinking about it. [Photo: Instagram/volunteerworld]

Drink less alcohol

Dry January anyone? [Photo: Instagram/ilovegindotcom]

Get more sleep and relax more

It's scientifically proven that a lack of sleep can lead to a number of health problems – both mentally and physically. Try not to please too many people and focus on yourself this year. [Photo: Instagram/gwynethpaltrow]

Make new friends and be a better friend

Sometimes, it's all too easy to cancel on a friend. But the last thing you want is to end up with none. Make the extra effort. [Photo: Instagram/bellahadid]

New Year’s resolutions come round every year. Whether we stick to them or not is another matter. Thanks to a whole lot of people posting their 2017 goals all over social media, Twitter were able to come up with the top ten resolutions for the year ahead.

Predictably, fitness came first but more surprising options like finishing off that reading list and learning a useful skill also came up top.

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