• This Is How Much Of A Single Person’s Salary Goes On Rent

    The average single person in the UK who isn’t a homeowner now spends more than a third of their income on rent. According to a new rental market report by Zoopla, the average rent in the UK is now £995, which is £88 higher than at the beginning of the pandemic. What’s more, rents are currently rising at the fastest rate since 2008. This means that 37% of the average single person’s salary now goes on rent, though this proportion is even higher in London: a staggering 52%. In London, rents have i

  • These Are Europe’s Most LGBTQ+-Friendly Countries

    For the seventh year in a row, Malta has been named the most LGBTQ+-friendly country in Europe. Malta finishes top of the annual Rainbow Map and Index by the ILGA, which ranks 49 European countries on their “respective legal and policy practices for LGBTQ+ people”. The ILGA – International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association – awards each country a score of 0-100% on its queer rights record, and Malta receives an impressive 92% this year. Denmark finishes second on the 2022 li

  • Check This Subreddit Thread Before Buying Makeup Online

    PARIS, FRANCE – MARCH 05: A Fashion Week Guest is seen outside Elie Saab during Paris Fashion Week – Womenswear F/W 2022-2023 on March 05, 2022 in Paris, France. (Photo by Jeremy Moeller/Getty Images) One of the obvious downsides to buying makeup online is that you have to do some legwork. In theory, it’s more convenient to place an order online than to actually go into a Boots store. But you have to do your research: try to decode the swatches that appear to be on a model’s arm, read reviews, a

  • Feeling Spontaneous? That’s Just Mars In Aries

    Honey, Mars is home. The Planet of Action, Drive, and Desire is finally entering into its all-time favourite sign after a two-year hiatus — in other words, we haven’t felt vibes this strong since 2020. On 24th May, Mars will enter Aries where it’ll stay until 4th July, giving us a perfect kickoff celebration to start off the summer. Aries is the very first sign of the zodiac, meaning that this transit begins a brand-new cycle for Mars. This “is associated with events on the world stage that can

  • Banning Online Ads Will Make Sex Work More Dangerous

    When the COVID lockdown hit in 2020, Audrey, a sex worker based in Bristol and campaigner for United Sex Workers, found that her client pool shrank dramatically. This put her livelihood at risk and Audrey found herself having to make choices that she didn’t feel completely comfortable with. “What it meant was that [sex workers] had to see clients who we knew were more dangerous. There was a client who I had refused to see multiple times prior to COVID but since COVID hit, I’ve had to see him,” A

  • If You Grew Up With Money, Stop Being Weird About It

    I was at the pub the other night and my friend was looking gorgeous. We were drinking cold, amber pints outside, the evening calm and balmy like it gets after a hot day, and I mentioned that I loved her jumper. It was a loose, knitted thing that looked like she just threw it on casually before going out. She leaned over, freckles gleaming. “That’s because it’s really, really expensive,” she said and I snorted laughing because people so rarely say things as they are. Later on in the night we were

  • 21 Bikini Bottoms That Actually Cover Your Ass(ets)

    We've waxed lyrical before about the rise of teeny bikinis but beyond itsy bitsy bikini tops, the emergence of barely there bottoms is causing big issues. Just one scroll through Instagram will show you that Brazilian-cut briefs and thongs are now the default shape for many trendy swimwear brands, with full-coverage styles often only available to buy from the sort of place your nan shops.The coastal grandma aesthetic might be all the rage right now but is it too much to ask that our bikini botto

  • 'I haven't dressed up in ages, what do I wear for the races?'

    Rediscover your fashion confidence and dip your toe back into something braver. In our Wardrobe Whisperer column, our team will find a solution for every style crisis.

  • Five tell-tale signs that you’re upper-class in 2022

    It was 40 years ago that The Official Sloane Ranger Handbook was first published, the famous tome that faithfully catalogued the Gucci loafers, velvet hairbands, creamy pearls and Barbour jackets so slavishly favoured by the upper classes.

  • Dame Deborah James launches charity T-shirt to benefit 'Bowel Babe' fund

    The bowel cancer campaigner has partnered with In The Style for the charity t-shirt which sees profits going to The BowelBabe Fund.

  • As Diana Ross headlines Queen's jubilee concert, look back at her iconic stage style

    The 78-year-old singer is set to headline the Queen's Platinum Jubilee performance in June.

  • Anne Hathaway takes sartorial tip from 'favourite actresses' for stellar Cannes debut

    The actor took a leaf out of her favourite stars' style books.

  • Forget the suit – here’s why leisurewear is here to stay for men

    It’s been a strange old time for traditional tailoring. There was already a seismic slide towards casualisation - see the popularity of soft-power dressing as seen in Succession, with knits and tracksuits instead of Captain-of-Industry suits - and then the pandemic hit. The work-from-home edicts meant that formal attire was obsolete, and in its place easy, relaxed leisurewear. Drawstring trousers instead of double-breasted blazers. And according to that most storied of French luxury houses, Dior

  • I’m Still Unlearning My Internalised Ableism as a Fat & Disabled Body Positive Activist

    Relaciones is a monthly series that helps Latinxs navigate interpersonal and intrapersonal relationships by unpacking the tough but necessary conversations that come up in our communities. This month, columnist Yesika Salgado writes about dating with a disability and unlearning internalised ableism. As a teen, I used to imagine my future: I’d be a famous writer in a big beautiful home, travel, have a dog, and be in love. As life went on and took its twists and turns, my own body changed. At 19 y

  • The Wilds Season 2 & TV’s War On “Woke” Characters

    Welcome to “What’s Good,” where we break down what’s soothing, distracting, or just plain good in the streaming world with a “rooting for everybody Black” energy. What’s Good? Usually this column’s opening question isn’t so existential. I would love this month’s answer to be simple. I would love to say, “The Wilds is good!” and keep it moving. I would love to say that the mistakes made in The Wilds Season 2 didn’t remind me of two other shows that are also almost good which has forced me to spen

  • The Flight Attendant’s Cassie Is An Example Of White Privilege

    In the season 2 premiere of The Flight Attendant, Cassie Bowden (Kaley Cuoco) is still working as a flight attendant for Imperial Atlantic, but now she’s officially moonlighting for the CIA. She travels to Berlin where her assignment is to observe a man at a hotel, but Cassie decides to go against CIA instruction and not only engages in her mark, but follows him all over Berlin. Fairly standard for an inexperienced operative, right? Watching the newest season of the HBO show is like watching a s

  • What Are Pink Flags In Dating & Are They Deal-Breakers?

    Dating can involve a lot of… assessment, particularly at its critical beginning stages. We decode texts, consult the group chats and are on high alert for just about any reason to run off. When looking at a potential match, there’s a lot to look out for in the early days. Even when things are just casual, we tend to shift into detective mode, sniffing out just about anything we can about a person. Sure, we want to get to know the person we’re letting into our lives and bedrooms, but we’re also s

  • Bling Empire S2 Proves How Toxic One-Sided Relationships Can Be

    Bling Empire‘s cast is united above everything else by its riches. The Netflix series follows the lives of a small group of affluent East Asian men and women living in LA. When I say affluent, I don’t mean upper-middle class but rather the kind of exorbitant wealth that has made critics compare the show’s cast to Crazy Rich Asians (Korean adoptee Kevin Kreider, who is accepted as part of the circle despite his more humble origins, is an exception). As rich as they might be, if the crop of realit

  • Money Diary: A Lead NHS Nurse In Yorkshire On 40k

    Welcome to Money Diaries, where we're tackling what might be the last taboo facing modern working women: money. We're asking a cross-section of women how they spend their hard-earned money during a seven-day period – and we're tracking every last penny.This week: "I'm a 39-year-old nurse who lives with my partner, L, and my two children, D and H. L and I recently bought a house together after being a couple but living separately for nine years (I know!). We have completely separate finances and

  • 9 Vintage It Bags You Can Snap Up On eBay

    It’s official: after a long, lockdown rest, the It bag is back in business. Whether it’s the return of Y2K classics like the Fendi Baguette and the Balenciaga City Bag, pillow bag styles that fit the loungewear-only vibe (JW PEI’s Gabbi bag) or that Telfar boom we all enjoyed, our arms have never been so laden down with big-name brands. Even as flexi-workers we’re splurging on new work bags to tote into the office twice a week. The thing is, finding pre-loved, legit designer handbags – especiall

  • 17 Fresh Haircut Trends For Summer, Predicted By London Stylists

    From the 'bottleneck' bob to the 'invisible' cut, spring served up some serious hair trends. Layers overruled the blunt cut and stylists proved that mid-length hair is versatile, not boring. As we pivot to summer, stylists are dreaming up a clutch of even more Instagram-worthy looks.The warmer weather is ushering in shorter styles, the '90s still have us in a chokehold and we're ditching polished cuts for those which are effortless and easy to air-dry. But that's just the tip of the iceberg. Ahe

  • How short should you go with your shorts this summer?

    We’ve segued into summer weather proper, that first flush of balmy temperatures when the rosé is chilled and the legs – for the pallid British male – are out. Like the blooming of a certain rare orchid, it’s quite the phenomenon – knobbly knees and calves as translucently pale as a newborn fish.

  • Duchess of Cambridge floors fans with 'Top Gun' dress: 'A supermodel and queen'

    Kate, 40, looked stunning in a black-and-white Roland Mouret gown for the star-studded event.

  • Carol Vorderman dresses the part in low-cut aviator look at 'Top Gun' London premiere

    The TV personality took the film's theme to heart in a khaki aviator jumpsuit.

  • Model Adriana Lima displays baby bump in unique cut-out dress

    The supermodel is expecting her third baby and proved she doesn't expect her bump to get in the way of her style credentials.

  • Top Gun's Cruise and Connolly weren't the only show-stoppers on the Cannes red carpet

    A whole host of stars descended on the Cannes Film Festival red carpet, each dressed more extravagantly than the last.