• Scotland Is Making Period Products Free For Absolutely Everyone

    On Monday (15th August), Scotland will become the first country in the world to provide free period products to everyone who needs them. When the Period Products (Free Provision) (Scotland) Act comes into force on the 15th, councils and education providers will be legally required to make period products available free of charge to anyone who needs them. Scotland already has legislation in place that requires period products to be made available for free in schools and universities, but the new

  • These Are The UK’s Most & Least Expensive Cities For Students

    Cardiff has been named the UK’s least expensive city for students, while Edinburgh has been named the most expensive. According to the Natwest Student Living Index 2022, Edinburgh is the only city where student spending actually outweighs their income. Students in the Scottish capital shell out an average of £950 a month on rent and other living costs, but their income is only £935 a month, leaving a £15 shortfall. In Cardiff, students spend an average of £1,040 per month on rent and other livin

  • These Dating Apps Will Help You Score A Holiday Fling

    From Grease to Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again, summer movies make holiday romances look oh-so-appealing. Who knows? Maybe you, too, will end up on a beautiful Greek island with three hot suitors. If you’ve ever been single on holiday, you’ve probably entertained the fantasy that you’ll end up sitting next to a gorgeous stranger on the airplane, or maybe that you’ll meet an attractive local who can show you all the sights. But in real life, these types of flings rarely just fall into our laps. We ha

  • S3 Of Never Have I Ever Explores What It’s Like To Have A Brown Boyfriend

    Spoilers ahead. To be fair, the relationship between Never Have I Ever heroine Devi Vishwakumar and new boyfriend Nirdesh (or Des, to his friends) was doomed from the start. Or at least, it didn’t get off to the greatest start. Early into the Netflix series’ third season, Devi, who shows up at a high school party to make her now ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend jealous, is preparing herself to meet and then ditch her mum’s friend’s son. She isn’t optimistic about their encounter. Telling her

  • Money Diary: A Primary School Teacher On 29.6k

    Welcome to Money Diaries, where we're tackling what might be the last taboo facing modern working women: money. We're asking a cross-section of women how they spend their hard-earned money during a seven-day period – and we're tracking every last penny.This week: "I’m a 25-year-old primary school teacher living on the south coast of England. I’ve been teaching for three years and live with my partner, A, who has also been teaching for three years so we earn the exact same salary. This makes budg

  • 9 Special Perfumes Editors Predict Will Be The Next Baccarat Rouge

    Let's be honest — no one wants to smell like everyone else. However, lately there has been one exception.Maison Francis Kurkdjian's Baccarat Rouge 540, once the best kept secret in beauty, is now the favourite perfume on TikTok and, well, everywhere else. That includes Rihanna's dressing table. The timeless scent strikes the perfect balance between warm, woody and sweet. Boasting notes of jasmine (a syrupy floral), saffron (earthy), ambergris (musky with hits of tobacco) and cedar (nice and cool

  • The budget beauty ‘dupes’ that really work

    I’ll admit it, I cheated on Marks and Spencer’s Colin the Caterpillar with Aldi’s Cuthbert. Now the budget supermarket chain has done the same thing with cult hair care range Olaplex, famous as an effective treatment for damaged hair, a patented hero ingredient (bis-aminopropyl diglycol dimaleate) and its steep £28-per-product price tag.

  • The one do-it-all dress you need for the heatwave

    We’ve all been there late at night before a much longed for holiday, trying to squeeze one last outfit into an overflowing suitcase. That ‘just in case’ dress, for when you happen to be invited to a glamorous party or, an extra option for the beach. I have been so guilty of this in the past, only to be caught out at check in where once again, I am over the limit.

  • Ask A Therapist: My Friends Now Have Families & I Can’t Keep Up

    Ever wondered what you’d say to a therapist, given the chance? We asked Dr Sheri Jacobson, a retired psychotherapist with over 17 years’ clinical experience and the cofounder of Harley Therapy Platform (UK Online Therapists), for advice on the things we worry about in private. Have a question for a therapist? Submit yours for Sheri. Question: After the breakdown of a relationship I made the move to live closer to my family. Financially I didn’t have much choice as we shared a house and I couldn’

  • Period Romance Eiffel Is No ‘French Titanic’ & That’s For The Best

    The image of blue-lipped Jack and Rose, near-frozen and struggling to balance on one piece of driftwood that – let’s be honest – 100% could have fit them both, is seared into our memories and hearts forever. It’s history. It’s pop culture canon. It will always be the moment. So understandably, for financial reasons, it wouldn’t be the worst idea in the world to attempt to replicate some of the commercial success of James Cameron’s multiple Oscar-winning Titanic. The producers of period romance E

  • The party dress made for late-summer glamour

    Ever since the Lionesses’ miracle we’ve been hearing a lot about how you have to see it to be it.

  • 'House of the Dragon' star Emily Carey makes impact in unusual cut-out dress

    The star of the 'Game of Thrones' spin-off prequel looked every bit the leading lady in a barely there dress.

  • Madonna reveals son David, 16, shares her clothes: 'He can even wear a dress and look butch'

    The mother-of-six said her 16-year-old son has a knack for looking "swag".

  • For a midlife man in a heatwave, there’s one fabric you need in your wardrobe

    The goal is fresh white linen rippling gently in a summer breeze. The reality is often quite different. I’m talking crumples, creases and the nagging feeling that you’re looking a little dishevelled. But as we brace ourselves for another heatwave, linen is the natural solution.

  • The Boots No7 Beauty Vault is back: Get £132 worth of No7 products for £35

    The Boots No7 bargain box comes by once a year - don't miss out!

  • Denim Leg Warmers Are The TikTok-Approved Way To Upcycle Your Jeans

    Fashion has had a string of odd trends this year, from unnecessary belts to glass handbags and cargo jeans. But if there’s a trend that takes the “Most Unexpected” trophy this summer, it’s denim leg warmers. If your brain just entered a state of confusion while reading that term, you’re not alone. (In fact, several Refinery29 staffers asked me to repeat myself when I pitched this story.) Half ordinary jeans, half leg warmers that your mom wore in the ‘80s to work out to Jane Fonda videos, these

  • Serena Williams’ Legacy Lives On In Black Girls Like Me

    I wasn’t a big sports fan growing up. If someone were to ask me to name five athletes as a kid, my response would have probably been, “Uhhh, Serena Williams, Lionel Messi, Neymar, Peyton Manning, and Tiger Woods.” Today, I’d include some basketball players like LeBron James or Stephen Curry but Williams would still be at the top of that list. Williams has forever stayed in my rotation not just as one of the few sports stars I can name off the top of my head, but also as one of my favourite athle

  • “Why I’ll Never Stop Writing Hit Songs About Exes” — Kamille On The Power Of Breakup Songs

    When I ask Kamille how she knows she’s about to write a hit song, she pauses and smiles coyly, revealing nothing of her widely sought-after songwriting recipes. “You just know,” she responds simply over Zoom. The 34-year-old Grammy-winning singer and songwriter says it’s all about instinct when it comes to writing for the biggest stars in pop music, including Dua Lipa, Stormzy, Kylie Minogue and Little Mix, earning her ​​6.8 billion streams, 20 Top 10 hits and the eye of Beyoncé. Through her son

  • Crop Tops & Biker Chic: The Best Street Style At Copenhagen Fashion Week

    As we begin to prepare for a new season, we usher in the beginning of spring/summer 2023 fashion week showings.Kicking off in Copenhagen, a place notorious for its uber-stylish inhabitants, Scandi fashion week is quickly becoming the most anticipated of the entire season for its unreal street style.Around every corner and bike path we saw splashes of bright prints, the clunkiest shoes, plenty of skin and, of course, an abundance of barbiecore inspiration. But what we've really come to love about

  • Armie Hammer’s Alleged Victims Speak Out In Disturbing House Of Hammer Documentary

    Content warning: This article contains descriptions of traumatic events, including sexual assault, and may be distressing to some readers. The trailer has been released for House of Hammer, a new documentary series focusing on actor Armie Hammer and his family. The three-part series investigates allegations of sexual abuse against the 35-year-old actor — which he has repeatedly denied — as well as five generations of alleged abuses of power by men in the Hammer family. The trailer shows two of H

  • Horse Girl Has Grown Up & Entered A New Era

    I’m sure I’m not alone in admitting that for my preteen self, horses were a big part of my life. Looking back, it was a surprising obsession for a girl who grew up in the ‘burbs and had encountered a horse exactly once in my life. But neigh-vertheless, my love of hoofed mammals grew with every Saddle Club after-school viewing and virtual pet horse I fostered through iPod touch apps. In recent years, we’ve been focused on healing our inner child — and that’s been most evident in our sartorial cho

  • In A League Of Their Own, Black & Queer Women Athletes Step Up To Bat

    It’s safe to say that women’s sport has never been in a better position than it is right now. England’s Lionesses made history by winning the Euro final and the Commonwealth Games has just become the first major multi-sport event to award more medals to women than men. But while we have plenty to celebrate, the summer of sport has also shed light on the discrepancies that have existed between men’s and women’s sport since time immemorial. This August, new Amazon series A League Of Their Own – a

  • A Basket Bag Is The Only Accessory You Need This Summer – Here Are Our Favourites

    The girl with the basket bag knows how to master summer dressing. She’s a modern Jane Birkin, standing in the supermarket queue with an air of French girl nonchalance; she adds a vintage touch to her weekend brunch look or elevates her denim cutoffs and bikini. That’s the thing about basket bags – they’re charming without being too-try hard, imbuing even the most basic outfits with a whimsical playfulness. And they're the perfect summer accompaniment, taking you effortlessly from picnic to beach

  • 14 Of The Best Brands Bringing Back Silver Jewellery

    A word to honeyed golds, gleaming bronzes and glowing rose golds: the great jewellery pendulum has swung once more and it's silver’s turn in the spotlight. What with all things Y2K making a comeback – Barbiecore, butterfly tops and belly chains, to name a few – the silver renaissance is hardly surprising. 2022’s silver jewellery is a far cry from the cheap, easily tarnished pieces of our youth. Gone are the mood rings that turn your fingers green, the rhinestone-encrusted pendants and the immedi

  • This Lip Plumping Treatment Rivals Filler — & There Are No Needles

    From the lip flip (using Botox to enhance lip size) to lip blushing (tattooing the lip line to lend lips definition) it seems we’re willing to try just about anything to give our lips a boost. You might blame the ‘Zoom boom‘, which is said to have magnified insecurities for many. Then there’s TikTok, which serves up countless lip swelling hacks that you can DIY at home. Either way, achieving bigger lips is a popular goal. One of the most common lip plumping procedures is arguably lip filler. In

  • 19 Late Summer Haircut Trends Dominating London Salons Right Now

    It's nowhere near the end of the year but when it comes to gorgeous haircuts, 2022 has already proven to be a hit. This summer alone we've become enamoured with the Italian bob, found ourselves obsessing over bangs with benefits and fallen deeply for the '90s no-haircut haircut. Now London's hottest hairdressers are whipping up a new wave of stylish cuts to dominate late summer.Perhaps we have the scorching weather to thank but hair is getting shorter, fringes are more nonchalant and we're comin