• BusinessThe Telegraph

    We’ve changed the way we shop – and the fashion world isn’t keeping up

    On a chilly Sunday morning in March, a group of fashion designers, some visibly in shock, others mutely despairing, drove to a London warehouse to reclaim at least some of the £25 million worth of stock for which they and other British labels had not been paid.

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  • StyleThe Telegraph

    How to pack for a 10-day summer holiday – with hand luggage only

    People tend to fall into two camps when packing for their summer holidays. The kitchen sink traveller, and the travel-as-light-as-possible one. In recent years, the badge of honour for the latter group is to take so little that you don’t have to check-in any bags. I’m a die-hard hand luggage only devotee. With the exception of ski trips, I can probably count on one hand the number of times I’ve chosen to put my bags in the hold, and two of those include moving to New York and back again five yea

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  • StyleThe Telegraph

    How Victoria Starmer transformed first lady dressing in one week

    One week you’re quietly getting on with life working for the NHS in occupational health, the next you’re rubbing shoulders with world leaders at a Nato summit in Washington as the UK’s (unofficial) “first lady”.

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    15 new-in Marks & Spencer summer dresses you need to see before they sell out

    Marks & Spencer's summer 2024 dresses are selling out fast, here are the designs you should see ASAP.

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  • CelebrityThe Telegraph

    The Duchess of Sussex channels Princess Diana – and her own wedding dress

    The Duchess of Sussex hasn’t been seen in public for almost two months. Even if her appearances are rare nowadays, she loves to make an impact when she is seen and Thursday evening was no exception, when she accompanied Prince Harry to this year’s ESPY awards where he accepted the Pat Tillman Award for Service.

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  • CelebrityThe Telegraph

    The tie tips Prince William is taking from his father

    There’s a moment where every man realises he’s becoming his father. For me, it’s the increasingly disgruntled grumbling at the TV. For the Prince of Wales, certainly in terms of how he dresses, there are certain codes that are straight from his father’s wardrobe, in a rather tender nod to the King’s impeccable style.

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    What the 0.001 per cent wear to ‘billionaire summer camp’

    When England play Spain on Sunday night, Berlin’s Olympiastadion will be heaving with Chanel cardigans, Miu Miu mini skirts and mini Hermès Kelly bags, tote of choice among England’s WAGs despite – or rather because of – their £28,000 price tag.

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