• ‘Worst Fatigue Ever’: 21 People Share The Pain Of Having COVID & Their Period At The Same Time

    Having your period isn't fun. Having COVID definitely isn't fun. Having both together? The pits. At its best, it's unlucky timing. At its worst, it's excruciatingly painful. While research about how COVID vaccines affect menstruation is starting to become readily available, there's no official information about navigating your menstrual cycle and COVID. But this is an inevitable reality for many bleeders.For those out there battling with both, know that you're not alone. In fact, we've got 21 pe

  • In Defense Of Ari Lennox’s Trip to Ghana: The Power and Problem of Belonging

    Grammy-nominated musician Ari Lennox recently performed at Ghana’s Afrochella music festival and shared her experience in the West African nation on Twitter. “Wow it’s rare and [a] good feeling to consistently wake up with peace and happiness. I really owe that to Ghana,” she tweeted. “I’ll never forget suddenly crying the first time going to a beach in Ghana. It was so triggering. And I didn’t feel alone. My heart ached/aches for my ancestors.” The tweets were heartfelt, vulnerable and seemingl

  • How Many Savings ‘Buckets’ Should You Really Have?

    At the beginning of a new year, along with promises of gym memberships and smaller to-do lists, comes the compulsion to set financial goals. After all, no matter how you spent lockdown, chances are you're a bit more stressed about money.As many financially savvy folks will attest, the first step to saving is always keeping track of your spending. One easy way to manage that is by 'bucketing' your savings into separate savings accounts. A method made popular by The Barefoot Investor, the bucketin

  • 6 Hairstyle Trends That Are Sparking Joy In 2022

    If you’re feeling that January burnout, we’re right there with you. The thing about this time of year is that there are a lot of feelings — both reflective and future-oriented — and somehow zero time to devote to sussing them out. But one thing that often helps me feel better when my brain is overheating, my apartment is freezing, and seasonal malaise is ever present: a new hairstyle. From a creative perspective, I get excited hearing what hairstylists — those who really know and understand blow

  • Petites, We Found The Perfect Suit Styles For You

    Like the TBR pile at the side of your bed or the recommended portion size on the back of a packet of Mini Eggs, petite fashion often goes ignored. Frequently referred to as a 'niche market', shopping can be annoyingly difficult for those of us who are 5'3 and below. Staples like denim jeans and coats are less of a challenge to come by but some pieces feel virtually impossible to find in a shorter style, e.g. suiting. Perhaps you noticed this issue while shopping for your work experience wardrobe

  • Money Diary: A 22-Year-Old Law Student In London On 12k

    Welcome to Money Diaries, where we're tackling what might be the last taboo facing modern working women: money. We're asking a cross-section of women how they spend their hard-earned money during a seven-day period – and we're tracking every last penny.This week: "I’m a 22-year-old law student living in London. I’m starting my job as a corporate trainee solicitor next year, which will inevitably be intense so I’m trying to enjoy my free time while I still have it! This is easier said than done a

  • ‘Hair Frosting’ Is Replacing Balayage In London Salons & It’s So Natural

    View this post on Instagram A post shared by Adam Burrell (@adamburrell) Though we’re not far into 2022, London’s most talented hair experts have been busy cementing the colour trends that are going to take the year by storm. There’s ‘French glossing‘ (a modern take on the ombre look, which promises to transform dull, dry hair), ‘expensive brunette‘ (inspired by Selena Gomez) and ‘warm honeycomb‘ (because blonde will always be in vogue). But one LA-inspired hair colour movement is slowly trickli

  • How Female Scammers Became Accidental Girlboss Icons

    Con artists are nothing new. But our collective interest in them has been piqued in recent years as a number of high-profile scandals have redefined the way we view scammers. Anna Delvey and Elizabeth Holmes committed fraud in order to boost their images and get rich quick and, as a result, have both gained a kind of cult status within popular culture, with dedicated fanbases and podcasts, books and TV shows being written about their lives. What is it that we find so appealing about women who sc

  • My Partner Asked To Try Something New In Bed & I Froze. Can We Get Past It?

    Thanks for reading Can We Talk?, a monthly sex and relationships column that aims to tackle the burning questions you’re too afraid to ask your partner — or maybe even your besties. Every month, relationship therapist Moraya Seeger DeGeare, LMFT, will help you parse through your most heart-rending, complicated, morally ambiguous, or just plain confusing issues related to sex, dating, relationships, breakups, and everything in between. Submit your questions anytime via the form here or send us an

  • Why André Leon Talley’s Personal Style Was Revolutionary

    Mandatory Credit: Photo by Seth Wenig/AP/Shutterstock (12766399a) André Leon Talley, a former editor at large for Vogue magazine, speaks to a reporter at the opening of the “Black Fashion Designers” exhibit at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, . Talley, the towering former creative director and editor at large of Vogue magazine, has died. He was 73. Talley’s literary agent confirmed Talley’s death to USA Today late Tuesday, Jan. 18, 2022 Obit Andre Leon Talley, New York, United St

  • Are We All Having An Existential Crisis Right Now? Yes? Great.

    By the second half of December, I was starting to have a bad feeling about 2020 too 2022. It wasn’t just the rise of the Omicron variant and the fact that, suddenly, it seemed like everybody and their mother was testing positive for COVID-19 (though, luckily, many weren’t getting severely sick, due to being vaccinated). It also seemed like people were collectively at their worst, or that we were “slowly unraveling” — which is, not-so-coincidentally, the name one of my friends gave to our group c

  • Ask A Therapist: I’m Single & I’m Embarrassed About How Lonely I Am

    Ever wondered what you’d say to a therapist, given the chance? We asked Dr Sheri Jacobson, a retired psychotherapist with over 17 years’ clinical experience and the founder of, for advice on the things we worry about in private. Have a question for a therapist? Submit yours for Sheri. Question: I’ve been single for a while now, since about three months before the pandemic. A lot of the time I’m fine with it, and sometimes even happy to be single: I am free to define my life and

  • This New Sexual Wellness Brand Will Help You Redefine Pleasure

    Isn’t it odd that we spend so much time thinking about what we use on our bodies – agonising over complicated, 10-step skincare routines; observing intricate bathtime rituals – but pay hardly any attention to our sexual wellness products? Our moisturisers and eye creams are sustainable, vegan and cruelty-free so why can’t our lube, massage oils and condoms be the same? It’s endemic to the sexual wellness industry itself, of course, which is very male-dominated. Many intimate and sexual products

  • TikTok’s Sponge Eyeshadow Hack Is So Good, I Want To Sleep In My Makeup

    Welcome to Beauty In A Tik, where each week we put TikTok’s viral beauty hacks and innovative trends to the test. Mastered the art of the smoky eye? Congratulations — it’s fair to say you’ve completed one of the trickiest levels in makeup. If you consume most of your beauty content via YouTube or Instagram, you’ll know that makeup enthusiasts and pro artists will have you reaching for multiple blending brushes, a handful of eyeshadow shades and lots of patience to achieve the timeless trend. Eve

  • We Need To Talk About This Hot Period Sex Scene

    About 17 minutes into The Souvenir: Part II, a lover comes a-knocking. Our protagonist, Julie – wearing white silk pyjamas, no less – opens the door and lets him in. The atmosphere is sexually charged and before long they are kissing and manoeuvring in the direction of the bedroom, when she stops him. “I’m on my period.” Completely unfazed, Jim smiles: “I don’t mind.” The next few minutes are a whirlwind. Trousers are yanked down. Belts whipped off. It happens so quickly that not even a towel is

  • Everything You Need For Your First Ski Trip

    Ski season has landed! Whether you're hitting Zermatt or Whistler Blackcomb, it doesn't matter if you're a newbie or a seasoned pro, you'll be looking to get kitted out so you can hit the slopes in style. Thankfully, it's not as expensive as you might think. Everywhere from H&M and ASOS to Free People and Net-A-Porter have technical but tasty pieces to keep you warm while you're sipping Glühwein, and cool you down while you're smashing the black run (we wish).Ahead, we've picked out some of the

  • The Ordinary’s Prices Are Changing – Here’s What You Need To Know

    There are countless reasons why pretty much all skincare obsessives always choose The Ordinary. On the surface, there's the shelfie-worthy, apothecary-style dropper bottles — but our adoration goes a little deeper than that. For years the brand has championed and decoded the buzziest and most transformative skincare ingredients, like retinol, niacinamide and salicylic acid, cutting out the confusion and making them so easy to use. But above all, fans love just how affordable everything is, with

  • S Club 7's Tina Barrett on that infamous red dress: 'I can't believe people are still talking about it'

    Tina Barrett has been reminiscing about that infamous red dress from almost 20 years ago.

  • As A Middle-Eastern Muslim American, Ms. Marvel Isn’t Something I Dreamed Would Exist

    Disney+ has finally found its Ms. Marvel, a newcomer ready to break down barriers and stereotypes. Iman Vellani, the daughter of Pakastani Muslim immigrants, will play Ms. Marvel, aka Kamala Khan, a Pakistani-American teenager growing up in New Jersey. While Ms. Marvel first appeared in 2014 as Marvel’s first Muslim character to star in her own title — including TV shows Avengers Assemble and Marvel Rising: Initiation — Vellani’s casting will make Kamala Marvel Studios’ first live-action, on-scr

  • And Just Like That… Sex and the City Still Doesn’t Do Right By Black Women

    Sex and the City is such a pop-culture juggernaut that many Black women can make some reference to it, whether it be a love of the Cosmopolitan, a salute to Samantha’s sexual freedom, or — and this is just as embedded in its legacy as designer shoes — a callout for the HBO series’ lack of diversity. Over the last 20 years, as new generations discover the dramedy and the show gains contemporary relevance, SATC has received backlash for its race problem. Most Black women who have appeared on the s

  • Jessamine Chan Takes Aim At “Good Motherhood” Worship In Her New Book

    On January 4, editor Katie Adams tweeted: “Maybe I’m just not a good mom anymore. Maybe I used to be and now I’m just not and also I have no time to do anything else either.” It’s hard to fathom a mother who doesn’t feel this sentiment deep in her bones after the last two hellish years, which have stretched us way past the point of generic burnout. Illness, anxiety, childcare disruptions, capitalism at all costs, school closures and anti-mask/anti-vax crusades has left most mothers, as Amil Niaz

  • Why Is It So Embarrassing To Fall Over In Public? A Very Serious Investigation

    Channelling my inner Jane Fonda, I recently decided to partake in some mid-commute step aerobics and walk up an escalator for once – a rare outing for my quads. It was that really long escalator up from the Jubilee Line at London Bridge station. Pleased with myself, I set off on the left, at pace. Just a few steps in, I missed one, falling upwards and nearly KO-ing the person next to me with my laptop bag. I grazed both shins on those grooved elevator steps, blood blossoming through my newly lad

  • Money Diary: A 35-Year-Old Student Social Worker On 26k

    Welcome to Money Diaries, where we're tackling what might be the last taboo facing modern working women: money. We're asking a cross-section of women how they spend their hard-earned money during a seven-day period – and we're tracking every last penny.This week: "I am a 35-year-old social work apprenticeship student. I work full time and study at the same time. I am now in my third year and getting ready for my final placement. I live in Derby, which is where I grew up. I’ve never been great wi

  • What London’s Most Genuine Beauty Expert Wants You To Know About Great Skin

    Alicia Lartey‘s forte is skincare but her defining characteristic is brutal honesty. The scientist and aesthetician has carved a niche for herself on Instagram as one of beauty’s most personable, straightforward and knowledgeable skincare experts. In an industry which peddles myths and pushes various questionable hacks, her presence in skincare circles is refreshing to say the least. Whether you consider yourself a skincare obsessive, more of a beginner or somewhere in between, you’re bound to l

  • The Cost Of Starting A Family Is Keeping Me Trapped In My Job

    “I currently feel like I am caught in a trap, being pulled between my desire to leave this toxic environment and the desire to be a mother.” Hannah, 31, works in marketing in the tech industry. She’s among the 40% of workers globally who, according to one survey, are thinking about leaving their job – would love to leave, in fact. But she can’t afford to quit right now because of the cost of family planning in the UK. “I am just coming up to my one-year anniversary in a role which I really do no

  • Aquarius Season Is Here, & It’s Bringing You Closer To The Ones That You Love

    The time has arrived: It’s Aquarius season. On 19th January 2022, the sun will move from its place in hardworking Capricorn into the sign of the water bearer, where it’ll stay until 18th February. Astrologers are saying that Aquarius season marks the real start of 2022 (sorry, Capricorns!), so prepare for a clean slate. The vibes of this new season are, if I do say so myself, immaculate. “While Mercury and Venus will still be retrograde as the sun enters Aquarius, by the time 4th February arrive