• The one fashion brand that just keeps getting better with age

    Along the back wall of Chanel’s catwalk flickered the unmistakable black and white images from Last Year in Marienbad (l’Annee Dernière a Marienbad), the 1963 art house film you may or may not have nodded off during as a student.

  • From Beckham to Chanel, Paris Fashion Week still holds its magic

    For a designer, showing in Paris is a big deal, as Victoria Beckham observed before her first catwalk outing there last Friday.

  • Dress of the day: The £45 ‘all rounder’ to add to your autumn wardrobe

    Flattering and affordable, this M&S autumn midi is a keeper you'll love for years.

  • Have We Fallen Out Of Love With French Skincare?

    There was a time when you couldn’t scroll through Instagram without being bombarded by pictures of shelfies, each one groaning with tens of serums, moisturisers and other tinctures. You’d almost always spot cult buys from the likes of Drunk Elephant, Glossier and Summer Fridays — but only the coolest of skincare hauls featured a handful of French brands. Perhaps it had something to do with the aesthetically pleasing white tubes and dropper bottles, not to mention the promise of many products bei

  • Scarlett Johansson On Her Finger Tattoo & ‘Vintage’ Nail Polish

    When I met Scarlett Johansson at The Outset HQ in Manhattan’s Flatiron district, she exuded cool boss vibes, power-walking from a conference room to a rustic leather couch in the entryway. She sported a freshly-chopped haircut styled with a subtle wave, which she tells me is a byproduct of wearing sunglasses on her head while her hair dried — the epitome of effortless. Leaning into the leather-backed cushion, Johansson and I chat about The Outset, the skincare startup Johansson co-created with b

  • Kaia Gerber’s Zara Collab Is Full of It Girl-Approved Timeless Essentials

    It’s no secret that model Kaia Gerber is one of today’s most in-demand It girls. Now, the 21-year-old model is bringing her style DNA to Zara. On Sunday, the Spanish brand announced the partnership with Gerber, set to debut on October 4. “My starting point for this collaboration with Zara was to ask if it is possible to do a collection that has everything you would ever need in your closet,” said Gerber in a press release. “If you were traveling and packed an entire collection, could it cover ev

  • R29 Reads: The Books We’re Picking Up This October

    All the leaves are brown and the sky is grey which can only mean one thing: time to start reading books again. If you fell into a summer book slump, the autumn weather is a sign to take notice of your TBR pile. Beyond ushering in the end of feral girl summer, a seasonal switch offers us a chance to indulge in autumnal activities like curling up in front of a roaring fire (see: space heater) and thumbing through a thought-provoking novel or two. Plus, with Halloween right around the corner, Octob

  • It’s Now Time For Friends To Actually Be Considered Family

    Charlotte, 31, had a tough time growing up with her biological mother and now considers her friends to be her family. But that isn’t the only reason she wants to bring her good friend Farouk* to the UK. Farouk is gay and lives in Morocco where homosexuality is illegal. “In the summer, me and my friends go to gay Pride, and it’s sad because he’s never been able to experience that,” she tells me. Asylum isn’t an option for Farouk because applying on the grounds of homosexuality would put him and h

  • I'm still mourning Britain's great shopping institution

    Jeans shopping is a pain. You have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your handsome denim prince. Which is but one of the reasons I still miss Topshop. Topshop made jeans shopping fun. Yes, there were 243 variants in its flagship Oxford Circus branch alone, but when it comes to shopping for denim, choice is never a bad thing. It’s why Anna Wintour would hotfoot it there with her daughter, Bea, as would all the international fashion editors and visiting celebrities when they were in town for

  • Trainers are the perfect office attire – the bolder, the better

    This summer, I spotted a super-chic woman dressed in an ever-so-slightly mismatching combination of crisp white shirt, black patterned trousers and pair of fluorescent orange Asics trainers. She looked cool and modern and I liked her style. This wasn’t a 9-to-5 commuting outfit, with sneakers swapped for court shoes at the office; this was the complete ensemble: smart, business-ready clothes teamed with the footwear of a running pro – no under-the-desk shoe shuffle required.

  • Three unlikely high street shops that are more fashionable than you think

    There’s nothing like a week of chilly weather to make you re-evaluate what you’re wearing.

  • Stella McCartney: ‘There aren’t enough women in fashion’

    ‘There aren’t enough women at the top of fashion houses’, said Stella McCartney after her show outside the Pompidou Centre in Paris.

  • Cuffing Season Has Arrived & It's A Very Real Thing

    My friend Jemma and I decided long ago via WhatsApp message that autumn is the only truly sexy season. “Summer is too sweaty for sex,” she said. “In spring, you get sabotaged by pollen – too sneezy,” I said. “And winter is obviously too cold to get naked.” Therefore, empirically, autumn is the sauciest of the months: cool enough to encourage physical proximity, warm enough still to get your kit off. It is also, if you’re wise, about the time you knuckle down and find someone worth spending the c

  • Victoria Beckham fans divided on whether Harper's Paris Fashion Week dress is too grown-up

    Some fans questioned whether the dress was age-appropriate.

  • Do high-end hairdryers live up to the hype?

    Back in the day, before hotel rooms offered proper hairdryers, the most you could hope for was a wall-mounted contraption with an elephant trunk that blew air with all the strength of a three-year-old extinguishing birthday candles.

  • This Hair Towel Makes My Hair Shinier & Smoother — No Product Necessary

    I’ve always been relatively low-maintenance when it comes to my hair. I don’t really use styling products (unless I need to lock in a ‘do for a special occasion), and my wash day routine is an easy, breezy three-step regimen of shampoo, conditioner, and hair oil. When it comes to drying my hair, however, I rely on two things, and two things only: Air and a bougie towel turban. For the uninitiated, Aquis specialises in hair towels that speed up drying time and minimise frizz thanks to soft textur

  • Twitch Is For Makeup Too – Just Ask Body Painter Melissa Croft

    “Put some care into making sure you’re truly yourself.” That’s the takeaway for Twitch streamer Melissa Croft, which is interesting considering the self-titled “Xtreme Makeup Athlete” is best known on Twitch for her full-body cosplay designs using just makeup and body paint. But no matter how many different colours Croft, who goes by MCroft07, blends to cover her body, she’s still authentically herself underneath the elaborate designs — and bringing fresh content to a platform that people primar

  • Should You Ditch Your Lip Gloss For Anna Paul’s Lip Sleeping Mask Hack? I Put It To The Test

    Welcome to Beauty In A Tik, where each week we put TikTok’s viral beauty hacks and innovative trends to the test. Refinery29’s selection is purely editorial and independently chosen – we only feature items we love! As part of our business model we do work with affiliates; if you directly purchase something from a link on this article, we may earn a small amount of commission. Transparency is important to us at Refinery29, if you have any questions please reach out to us. One of the greatest appe

  • R29 Style Picks: Everything We Want To Buy In October

    No matter how many seasonal transitions we live through, they always come as a shock. Like being surprised by your monthly period every time it appears, the arrival of autumn always throws us for a loop. Whether it's the first time you realise the drying rack has to come indoors or when you first get caught in a cold downpour, the realisation that tides are a changin’ can feel overwhelming.Thankfully, the one salve to saying goodbye to the sun is the fact that autumn fashion is nauseatingly good

  • Things Were Bad For Women – But Liz Truss Has Made Them Even Worse

    Britain’s third woman prime minister, Liz Truss, has delivered a budget which, in just the space of a few days, has made the lives of many women materially worse. Our first, Margaret Thatcher, believed that she “owed nothing to women’s liberation”, to feminism, according to her biographer. It has often been said that she smashed the glass ceiling and then pulled the ladder up behind her because she favoured no policies which furthered gender equality and rarely promoted women to her cabinet. Wel

  • I Got Rejected For Botox & It Was A Hard Pill To Swallow

    “I wouldn’t inject you,” aesthetic doctor, Dr Harris, said matter of factly as he sat across from me in his North London consulting room. I had hoped to get a Botox top up. “Come back in a few years and we can talk about it,” he added. I’m 34 and, in four years of getting injected with Botox once or twice a year “preventatively” by different doctors, this was the first time an expert had turned me away for the procedure. Botulinum toxin, more commonly known as Botox, is a neurotoxic protein prod

  • This Is Why October Is A Huge Month For Job Hunters

    If you’re currently looking for a new job with a higher salary or better work-life balance, you’re in good company. According to Glassdoor, October is going to be a super-busy month for job hunters seeking both full-time and part-time roles. In fact, Glassdoor is already seeing a “huge spike” in job searches as workers try to secure a new role before winter and the Christmas rush. Their figures suggest that the recent trend of workers “quiet quitting” their jobs is giving way to a new trend they

  • Hocus Pocus 2’s Belissa Escobedo Also Practices Brujeria Off The Screen

    Belissa Escobedo is a Los Angeles-raised Chicana, the biggest cat mum ever (self-proclaimed), a former theatre kid, possibly America Ferrera’s long-lost baby sister (Just kidding. More on that later), and Izzy in the highly anticipated Disney+ Original movie Hocus Pocus 2. You may recognise Escobedo from her time as Natalie Garcia in The Baker and the Beauty, but on 30th September, she is making her way to Salem alongside the Sanderson Sisters. Lover of all things spooky season, Escobedo spent m

  • Leave Marilyn Monroe Alone

    Blonde. Ana de Armas as Marilyn Monroe. Cr. Netflix © 2022 Content warning: This piece contains references to physical and sexual violence. When you think of tragic heroines of Hollywood’s golden age, your mind probably goes straight to Marilyn Monroe. The Hollywood starlet ruled the big screen and fascinated the public before her untimely and saddening death in 1962. We know very little about the inner workings of her life as Norma Jeane Baker, but publicly, she’s come to symbolise the dark sid

  • Ask A Therapist: My Partner Wants An Open Relationship & I Don’t. What Now?

    Ever wondered what you’d say to a therapist, given the chance? We asked Dr Sheri Jacobson, a retired psychotherapist with over 17 years’ clinical experience and the cofounder of Harley Therapy Platform (UK Online Therapists), for advice on the things we worry about in private. Have a question for a therapist? Submit yours for Sheri. Question: My partner of three years recently introduced the idea of an open relationship as something he’d want. We’ve never talked about it before and I’d never con

  • How My Personal Style Has Changed Now That I’m A Digital Nomad

    This April, I boarded a one-way flight from London to Bangkok in Thailand to start my life as a full-time digital nomad. I gave up a cosy rented home in Birmingham to pursue my dream of travelling and working as a freelance journalist throughout South East Asia. In the six months since, it’s been a life-changing adventure that – among many other things – has forced me to explore and reconstruct my fashion identity. While the meaning of personal style continues to shift with every new TikTok tren