Bride splits opinion after telling pregnant bridesmaid not to hold her baby bump in wedding photos

Is it reasonable to tell off your bridesmaid for holding her bump in the wedding pictures? [Photo: Getty]
Is it reasonable to tell off your bridesmaid for holding her bump in the wedding pictures? [Photo: Getty]

A bride has divided the Internet after telling off her pregnant bridesmaid for holding her bump in her wedding pictures.

The unnamed newlywed went online to ask whether she was reasonable in telling her bridesmaid to stop holding her bump during the wedding photos.

“I got married three weeks ago and one of my bridesmaids is about 7 months pregnant (let’s call her Kate),” the newlywed wrote on Reddit.

“Kate’s belly was easily accommodated into the dress style because it had quite a flowy [sic] skirt with a fitted bust.”

The user went on to explain that between the ceremony and reception, they had a few hours worth of professional photos taken with just the wedding party.

“In one of the first photos I noticed Kate was deliberately holding her belly so it was really obvious in the fabric of her dress (think basically every maternity shoot photo ever taken),” she continued.

“I asked her to stop holding her hands to show off her belly and to just pose like everyone else. I had to remind her a few more times before we’d finished taking the wedding party photos.”

The woman went on to explain that when she got back from her honeymoon she hadn’t heard from Kate despite texting her and this was unusual as they normally spoke every couple of days.

“Today another of my bridesmaids confirmed that Kate is pissed at me because I was ‘trying to make her look fat, not pregnant’ during the photos.

“Now I’m annoyed because I paid a lot of money for a wedding photo shoot, not maternity pics.”

The newlywed finished her post by asking others if she’d been unfair to insist her bridesmaid stop holding her bump.

Is it reasonable to tell off your bridesmaid for holding her bump in the wedding pictures? [Photo: Getty]
Is it reasonable to tell off your bridesmaid for holding her bump in the wedding pictures? [Photo: Getty]

And the response was somewhat mixed.

Some agreed with the original poster that the wedding pictures should be about the bride and groom and nothing else.

“Those are your wedding photos, and there is absolutely no reason someone should be deliberately showing off their ‘baby bump’ to take away from the bride in a photo,” one user wrote.

“If she didn’t feel comfortable in the dress, she could have opted out of being in the wedding. But making the photo shoot about herself and demonstrating her pregnant belly is not acceptable in a wedding photo. When you look back at the photos, you want to remember the happy times between you guys, not be distracted by her “on display” baby bump.”

“It is weird she read it as you wanted her to look “fat instead of pregnant” when clearly you just didn’t want her to be focus pulling in your expensive photos,” another commented.

“It sounds like she was self-conscious about how she looked in outfits that hid that she was pregnant, planned to make sure that it was clear she was pregnant and didn’t think about how they are your photos and you don’t actually give a shit whether she looks fat or like the second coming of Helen of Troy as long as she wasn’t drawing attention to herself.”

“I’ve been pregnant a few times and I didn’t stand around holding my belly. That’s ridiculous,” another woman commented.

But others could see why the bridesmaid was upset.

“Nothing suggests she was ‘trying to take over [the] wedding photos’,” one user wrote. “From what OP says, the friend wasn’t doing anything besides holding her belly, which is actually a normal standing position for pregnant people, not something reserved for maternity photography.”

Another mum explained that holding a baby bump feels like a natural way to rest your hands when you’re pregnant, and that the pose might not have been intentional.

“I did it all the time the last few months I was pregnant,” she wrote. “Whether it was just a comfy place to put my hands, or I was subconsciously trying to hold or protect the baby, I don’t know, but I literally did it all. the. time.

“Maybe she truly didn’t realise she was even doing it and was just embarrassed that the bride kept calling her out?”

“As someone who was very recently pregnant, I can tell you I posed with my hand on my bump in every picture I took,” another mum agreed. “I put my hand in my bump when I went out in public. Because it sucks being giant, and yes, you want people to know you are pregnant and not just huge.”

This isn’t the first time the topic of how much bump touching is too much has made headlines.

Since the announcement that the Duchess of Sussex and Prince Harry are expecting a baby, people have been commenting on the number of times the mum-to-be has been cradling her bump.

Unreasonable brides have been lighting up the Internet lately

Earlier this year a wedding guest turned to a forum to get people’s views on her sister in law’s request to pay £180 to secure their place at the wedding.

Then there was the bride who wanted to change some of her bridesmaids’ eye colours so they didn’t ‘clash’ with the colour scheme.

Next up was the couple asked wedding guests to take a fortnight off work for their destination wedding and save almost £3,000 to attend the three-day-long nuptials.

Back in December, a bride asked her wedding party to dress in a weight-based dress code with women above 160 pounds and men above 200 pounds requested to wear black or camouflage.

And let’s not forget the bride who divided the Internet by asking her guests to answer maths questions during their wedding celebrations.

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