Bridesmaid fired for speaking too much about 'silly' chronic disease

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A bridesmaid has been fired by a close friend after being diagnosed with a chronic disease – and talking about it consistently.

Being a bridesmaid for your friend on her wedding day is usually an honour, but for this woman it turned into an ordeal.

Sharing her story with an Australian Facebook group, the woman shared how her close friend, a former colleague, was due to marry at a similar time to her.

Initially, she was excited for the build-up to their weddings, but things took a turn for the worse when she was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, a chronic inflammatory bowel disease.

The condition – which cause, among other symptoms, tiredness and weakness – took a huge toll on her energy levels.

She wrote in a post: “I’m not well and barely have the energy for work. Let alone my own wedding planning, and deffo (sic) not hers. So I let her know this.”

However, her friend was apparently not sympathetic to what she was going through.

She didn’t give a s**t about my diagnosis, and basically said I could concentrate on my wedding after hers. That’s my first strike.”

At the hen party, things came to a head. “I was apparently super picky at the menu (I can’t eat certain things atm (sic) due to IBD, all I asked the waiter was certain ingredients and they were really great and ensured I had an eatable meal) – second strike.”

After the would-be bridesmaid opted out of the hens’ night out (for health reasons), it was the final straw. She told how she received a text which read: “If you can’t be bothered to put silly little things like your illness and your wedding aside to help me on my most important day, I don’t want you there.”

Personally, we wouldn’t want to be a bridesmaid for a friend acting like this – and we’re glad this woman has been let off the hook.

She also shared her brilliant (and resourceful) plan for revenge: shortening her now-redundant bridesmaid dress and wearing it to a party her ex-friend was due to attend.

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