Bride considers changing bridesmaids' eye colours to match dresses

A bride was worried her bridesmaids’ eye colours could clash with the dress. Photo: Getty
A bride was worried her bridesmaids’ eye colours could clash with the dress. Photo: Getty

A bride has shared her bizarre wish to change some of her bridesmaids’ eye colours so they don’t ‘clash’ with the colour scheme she has chosen for her big day.

Taking to Facebook to ask whether or not she is being “over the top”, the unnamed woman explains she is hoping to buy coloured contact lenses for her blue-eyed bridesmaids.

“How over the top is it to buy my blue-eyed bridesmaids colour contacts,” she asked on the post, which was soon shared to a wedding-shaming Facebook group.

“I’m offering to let them select any colour, even rich amber brown like mine (I’m not afraid of being overshadowed!) I just think blue eyes would clash, since one of the wedding colours is Chartreuse.”

She then went on to share an image of the kind of fluorescent dresses she was looking at.

The crazy post was shared with the caption “imagine being such a bridezilla that your bridesmaids’ natural eye colours might ‘clash’ with your colour scheme”.

Photo: Facebook
Photo: Facebook

And as you would expect, the comments came in quick and brutal.

“’Rich amber brown like mine’..please,” one person commented.

Most agreed the bride’s request was “nonsense” and “too specific”.

“I’m sorry, you can’t be in my wedding because your eyes are the wrong colour. Say it loud,” one woman wrote.

“Five years from now, when you look back on your wedding, even small details like ‘what shoes were the bridesmaids wearing’ won’t matter or be remembered. Much less nonsense like this,” another commented.

“I once heard of a bride who wanted to make all of the bridesmaids dye their hair a certain colour because their hair didn’t match their dresses, but this is a little too specific,” one person wrote.

Some called out the woman for potentially having issues with self-esteem, and that despite what she claims she is definitely worried of being ‘overshadowed’.

“Just the fact that she stated ‘I’m not afraid of being overshadowed by blue eyes’ means she’s definitely afraid of being overshadowed by blue-eyed girls,” one person commented. “And the whole ‘clashing with the dress’ is a thinly-veiled excuse. Homegirl needs some self-esteem.”

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