Bride's weight-based dress code for wedding guests sparks backlash online

Dress code
One bride-to-be’s outrageous wedding guest demands have gone viral [Photo: Getty]

Whether we like to admit it or not, there’s nothing the Internet craves more than a bridezilla‘s outrageous demands. From asking guests to foot the catering bill to making friends compete for a spot in the wedding party – we’re never short of baffling bridal antics.

So it comes as no surprise to learn that one bride-to-be’s controversial weight-based dress code is the latest to go viral.

An anonymous attendee was so shocked by the clothing requirements that they took to Reddit to share the divisive rules guests were given ahead of the ‘Hawaii 2019’ nuptials.

The Facebook screenshot shows that the couple have divided men and women into different size categories from ‘100-160lbs’ to ‘200lbs+’.

Green velvet jumpers, orange suede trousers and camouflage (yes, seriously) are all listed as requirements in the dress code.

If that isn’t enough to make guests squirm, the price tag sure will as the bride also expects attendees to invest in a Burberry scarf and Louboutin heels for the big day.

Would you be willing to follow this bride-to-be’s strict dress code? [Photo: Reddit]
Would you be willing to follow this bride-to-be’s strict dress code? [Photo: Reddit]

The dress code doesn’t forget the kids either, as little ones are required to wear head-to-toe red.

In the post, the bride-to-be explains that the reason behind the detailed rule book is in order to create “an incredible visual effect” which will make the planned synchronised dance “really pop”.

Unsurprisingly, Reddit users were quick to share their thoughts on the dress code.

“The outfits are terrible but they’re there to make the ‘synchronised dancing along the beach really pop,'” one joked. “So not only are guests supposed to ruin £1,000 shoes on the beach (in terrible outfits) they also have to learn a dance routine.”

Another commented, “Anybody who is going to ruin Louboutin shoes by walking on the beach is truly an idiot.”

After the post went viral, the bride-to-be caught wind of the story and has since pledged to pinpoint which guest called her out.

According to the unnamed woman, the dress code has been taken out of context and she feels “crushed and betrayed” by the now-viral post.

In response, she’s organised a pre-wedding party where all guests must take a polygraph test in order to determine who leaked the information.

She reportedly took to the social media platform to write, “You think I’m kidding? I’m not. We just bought a real polygraph test for £77 on Amazon. If you can’t make it to the Polygraph Party, you will be presumed guilty unless you can provide a valid excuse.”

According to the bride, the dress code is in an attempt to represent the soon-to-be newlyweds’ future together. The designer garbs for instance showcase the couple’s future riches while the camouflage theme is designed to embody the “aura of the devil that we must shoo away”.

We wonder if guests will dare to skip the pre-nuptials party…

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