Mum puts children to bed in their next-day clothes to save time

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A mum has revealed her unusual time-saving hack of putting her children to bed in their clothes [Photo: Getty]
A mum has revealed her unusual time-saving hack of putting her children to bed in their clothes [Photo: Getty]

A mum has revealed she puts her children to bed in the next day’s clothes to save time in the morning.

Most parents will agree mornings can be a nightmare for time-poor parents and getting kids dressed just adds to the struggle.

But one mum-of-two has come up with a time-saving hack to shave minutes off the morning routine.

Lisa Lamond, a star of Australian renovation show ‘House Rules’, says getting her daughters dressed before bed helps her “chaotic” life and means her family can get out the door in record time.

The mum explained that the pre-school routine can prove particularly tricky for the family as their two young daughters, Arabella, 3, and Ruby, 2, have decided they don’t want to be dressed by their parents.

“My daughters like to dress themselves from head to toe,” she told Whimn.

“On days I’m working in particular, I don’t have a spare hour while they pull up one sock.

“So the best piece of advice I’ve been given is to dress your kids the night before in the clothes you want them to go out in.”

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When the morning rolls round all the mum has to do is wake her kids up, change their nappy, put on their shoes and head out the door.

“It works wonders for me and where I'm at in life at the moment,” she adds.

While putting your kids to bed in their next-day clothes won’t be for everyone, parenting hacks can make raising smalls that little bit easier.

Last month a mum shared her simple yet effective baby feeding hack, which quickly went viral.

The mother, who goes by Chloe Louise on Facebook, explained how she was contacted by her sister asking about the ‘new’ plastic bibs she was using to feed her baby son.

Except, she wasn’t using different bibs at all.

“I told her I use the soft material side when I give him his bottles of milk, and I turn it around and use the plastic side when I give him food,” she explained.

Chloe clarified that using the plastic side of the bib means the soft material isn’t stained and it’s easy to wipe food off.

And it turns out that parents were in the dark about the possibility of using both sides of the bib.

Earlier this year a mum of 16 (yep you read that right, 16!), revealed the hack she uses to encourage her children to help out round the house, and it’s all down to being super organised.

The super-sized family, from Queensland, Australia, have a weekly job rota system in place to ensure that everyone is pulling their weight around the house.

Having witnessed the order the chore roster has brought to the household, Jenni believes other families might benefit from a similar system.

“If you are struggling to get your kids involved around the house, then you might want to try a chore roster,” Jeni said.

“We have very few complaints about it. Everyone gets on with it and accepts there are a lot of things to do in a family of this size.”

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The family aren’t the only parents to have come up with a clever idea to encourage children to help out round the house.

Last year a mum came up with a simple yet genius hack to encourage children to put away their toys.

Jessica McGinty took to Facebook to share her solution which she hilariously named the ‘f***et bucket’

The premise is simple: any toys left strewn across the floor will go in the child’s bucket. If the toy is still in the bucket at the end of a day’s play, instead of being put where it belongs will go to toy heaven.

It’s not the only parenting hack that mums and dads have been loving of late.

Last summer a mum revealed her simple, yet genius hack for keeping your paddling pool pristine.

And a mum’s clever hack to get poorly babies to take their medicine took the Internet by storm.

Meanwhile a mum divided the Internet with her DIY method of rocking her baby to sleep in his bouncing chair using a KitchenAid.

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