Mum's 'genius' bib trick is so simple it's amazing parents who never thought of it

Parent feeding their little baby
Parents are amazed they have never thought of the simple idea (Photo: Getty)

By Charlie Duffield

One mum has proven that sometimes it’s the simplest solutions which are the most effective after her ingenious baby feeding hack went viral.

The mother, who goes by Chloe Louise on Facebook, explained how she was contacted by her sister asking about the ‘new’ plastic bibs she was using to feed her small boy.

Except, Chloe wasn’t using different bibs at all.

She wrote: “I told her I use the soft material side when I give him his bottles of milk, and I turn it around and use the plastic side when I give him food.”

Chloe clarified that . using the plastic side of the bib means the soft material isn’t stained and it’s easy to wipe food off.

It turns out her novel idea of using both sides of the bib wasn’t common practice at all.

Since Chloe posted her bib trick on Facebook, it has been shared more than 10,000 times at the time of writing, with 15,000 comments.

One fellow parent commented: “I’ve got two kids and the thought never crossed my mind.”

Another added: “Omg this is genius! Will be doing this from tomorrow onwards!”

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Of course her sister, Natalie Jane Murphy, was incredulous.

Chloe wrote: “She said she’s never even thought of doing it and she’s mind blown.”

One Facebook commenter said: “What a good idea! Pity I didn’t think of this when my kids were small. It could have saved me a load of washing.”

Chloe added: “I thought it was normal! Am I the only one who does this?”

Judging by the online response...yes.

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Here’s to a future of reversible bibs making mealtimes cleaner, thanks to Chloe.

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