Mum's parenting hack using a KitchenAid to rock a baby's bouncer has divided the Internet

This parenting hack using a KitchenAid to rock a baby to sleep has divided the Internet [Photo: Imgur]
This parenting hack using a KitchenAid to rock a baby to sleep has divided the Internet [Photo: Imgur]

A genius parenting hack can often help make the job of looking after children that little bit easier. (Remember this clever hack for tying a child’s shoes?).

But one mum has divided the Internet with her DIY method of rocking her baby to sleep in his bouncing chair using a KitchenAid.

In a thread on Reddit called Parenting Hack KitchenAid bouncer w/ White Noise, the anonymous mum posted a clip of a sleeping baby in a bouncer, attached to a KitchenAid by a thick rubber band.

The band is hooked round the mobile hanging over the baby’s chair, and then around the mixer part of the machine.

As the mixer spins round, the bouncer rocks back and forth, leaving the mum free to get on with everything else she has to do.

Sounds great in principle, but the forum was very much divided about whether or not the DIY solution was clever or actually pretty risky.

“No way. The cardinal rule with very powerful rotating machines is NO loose clothing etc. This is extremely stupid,” another added.

“This is one of those ideas we all have and then most of us immediately realise it’s a really stupid idea,” another user commented

Some users shared examples of stories where people had got their limbs trapped in rotating machinery.

But others were keen to point out that though the hack was certainly risky, the contraption didn’t post the same level of danger to the baby as industrial machinery.

“If the band were to catch, it would wrap around the paddle until it becomes taught and comes to a stop. The baby wouldn’t be caught in the paddle,” another wrote, before adding that she still thought it was a bad idea.

“This is monumentally stupid because the baby will likely get hurt given a long enough time, but it’s not gonna get an arm/leg caught in the paddle and be thrown about like a ragdoll until it dies, lol,” they added.

A mum's parenting hack for rocking a baby bouncer has divided the Internet [Photo: Getty]
A mum’s parenting hack for rocking a baby bouncer has divided the Internet [Photo: Getty]

While there’s no doubt some parenting hacks shared online can offer some pretty life-changing solutions for frazzled parents, some experts do warn that they often need to be assessed from a safety aspect.

Colleen Driscoll, the executive director of the International Association for Child Safety (IAFCS), told Femail that parents and caregivers should always follow manufacturers’ instructions when using any device, and pointed out that modifying products can lead to injury.

“Many “parent hacks” can be found on the internet,” she said. “Some might be clever but not follow safety practices.”

“Please consult safety experts to learn more and take the time to carefully review instructions.”

And if you don’t fancy testing out the Kitchenaid/baby bouncer hack for yourself, here’s some totally genius products that are guaranteed to make parenting that little bit easier. You’re welcome!

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