Genius hack to keep paddling pools clean between uses goes viral

A mum has shared a simple yet genius paddling pool hack to keep the water bug-free between use [Photo: Getty]
A mum has shared a simple yet genius paddling pool hack to keep the water bug-free between use [Photo: Getty]

Paddling pools have long been a parenting go-to during the summer months. And they’re even more of a necessity during a heatwave.

But while they’re great for cooling kids down, keeping them clean – and bug-free – is a bit of a nightmare.

Thankfully, a mum has revealed her simple, yet genius hack for keeping your paddling pool pristine.

Mum-of-eight Deborah Hitchens, of the Family Days Tried & Tested Facebook group, shared a hack suggested by fellow mother Sarah Jane Bennett earlier this week.

She suggests using an old fitted sheet to cover the pool when it’s not in use protecting it from the insects, grass and other garden paraphernalia inflatable pools seem to attract.

And the clever trick has gone down an absolute storm on social media, clocking up more than 10K shares and over 2,000 comments from impressed parents.

“Need this idea in my life,” one user wrote.

“This is the smartest thing ever,” added another

“Such a simple idea but brilliant,” a third parent commented.

The paddling pool trick isn’t the only parenting hack to go viral of late.

Last year, a mum’s clever hack to get poorly babies to take their medicine took the Internet by storm.

Meanwhile a mum divided the Internet with her DIY method of rocking her baby to sleep in his bouncing chair using a KitchenAid.

In a thread on Reddit called Parenting Hack KitchenAid bouncer w/ White Noise, the anonymous mum posted a clip of a sleeping baby in a bouncer, attached to a KitchenAid by a thick rubber band.

But people couldn’t decide if it was dangerous or genius.

A hack that seemed to fair better with parents was the simple trick to help children tie their shoelaces.

When five-year-old Colton Lillard’s mum Ashley posted a Facebook video of her son demoing an easy “new” way to tie shoes, the video garnered nearly seven million views and 155,000 shares in one week.

More recently a dad won praise from the Internet for coming up with a clever trick to help him ‘breast feed’ his daughter while his wife was at work.

Earlier this year genius parenting hack which allows him to breastfeed his daughter took the Internet by storm.

Dad-of-five, Anthony Favors, came up with a simple, yet clever trick of cutting a small hole in his shirt and poking the teat of a bottle filled with his wife’s breastmilk through the gap to create a ‘functional boob’.

What’s your favourite parenting hack?

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