Mum's foolproof method for getting her children to tidy their toys goes viral

A mum has come up with a genius hack to encourage kids to clear up their toys [Photo: Getty]
A mum has come up with a genius hack to encourage kids to clear up their toys [Photo: Getty]

At the end of a day’s parenting your house likely looks less show home and more like a toy graveyard. Do ya feel us?

But one mum has come up with a simple yet genius hack to encourage children to put away their toys so you don’t trip over them. Again.

Jessica McGinty took to Facebook to share her solution which she hilariously named the ‘f***et bucket’

The premise is simple: any toys left strewn across the floor will go in the child’s bucket. If the toy is still in the bucket at the end of a day’s play, instead of being put where it belongs will go to toy heaven.

“Today I got the kids f***et buckets,” the mum wrote on her FB page, Mishmash Moments. “If they leave it laying around, it goes in their bucket. If it’s still there at bedtime it goes in the bin because f***et if I’m cleaning it up.”

Harsh, but fair considering how annoying it is stubbing your toe on a stray piece of Lego, for like the millionth time.

Of course the simple, yet smart trick has gone down well with frazzled parents fed up of picking up after their little ones.

Since posting the hack has been shared more than 25K times and received over 23K reactions.

“This could be a game changer,” one user wrote.

“Best idea ever,” another agreed.

Other fans pointed out that the bucket hack could be used on other messy members of the family.

“I’m getting you one of these for your clothes,” one woman told her other half.

While the majority of parents could see the benefit of the simple tidy-up scheme others voiced concerns that throwing out the toys was wasteful.

“Love this, don’t know about chucking toys in the bin though, what a waste of money!” one parent wrote. “I’d think of doing some sort of reward system if they do empty them.”

This isn’t the only parenting hack that mums and dads have been loving of late.

Back in the summer a mum revealed her simple, yet genius hack for keeping your paddling pool pristine.

Last year, a mum’s clever hack to get poorly babies to take their medicine took the Internet by storm.

Meanwhile a mum divided the Internet with her DIY method of rocking her baby to sleep in his bouncing chair using a KitchenAid.

But people couldn’t decide if it was dangerous or genius.

A hack that seemed to fair better with parents was the simple trick to help children tie their shoelaces.

When five-year-old Colton Lillard’s mum Ashley posted a Facebook video of her son demoing an easy “new” way to tie shoes, the video garnered nearly seven million views and 155,000 shares in one week.

More recently a dad won praise from the Internet for coming up with a clever trick to help him ‘breastfeed’ his daughter while his wife was at work.

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