Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's royal wedding: The date, details and latest news

Danielle Fowler
Freelance Writer
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    R. F.
    My paints nearly dry, about another half hour..
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    As if we are really interested!!
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    And while the country delights in the lavish ostentation and grandeur of the Royal wedding there will be many of us who will other things on their minds. “Nearly 400,000 people in Britain are forced to live in homes without electricity or gas because they could not afford to pay for fuel, a report by the Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) said Friday. In a second report Friday the Living Wage Foundation said a third of working parents on low incomes in Britain regularly go without meals, because of a lack of money, with half of those families falling behind with household bills. New research from CAB found that 140,000 households did not have enough money to top up prepayment meters (PPM) for gas or electricity. CAB said the vast majority of these households (120,000) have people living there who may be particularly vulnerable to being without heat and power, such as a child or someone with a long-term health condition. A young child lived in a third of the homes forced to self-disconnect because they did not have money to pay for a top-up:” There’s something terribly wrong about our priorities in this country and this public extravagance serves only to ‘rub our noses’ in the misery that many daily endure.
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    Martin K
    Everything you need to know about the royal wedding;
    1. You're paying for it.
    2. You're not invited to it,
    3. That's all.
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    Everything I want to know about the wedding? A big 0, thanks
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    Does harry really love meghan?
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    There's a presumption in the headline that we need to know anything about the Royal wedding. We don't!
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    Dan k
    No thanks. They're getting married. That's it - I now consider myself an expert on the couple.
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    So the weddings on May 19th, I'm really looking forward to the 20th.