Woman proves fitness selfies aren't just for one body type

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<span>Michelle Elman shared the selfie after her first run in years. [Photo: Twitter]</span>
Michelle Elman shared the selfie after her first run in years. [Photo: Twitter]

Forget the gruelling reps and breathless treadmill sessions, for many, one of the most difficult parts of going to the gym is the other gym-goers.

Often, the buff bodies that surround us only seem to dishearten us instead of motivate us, and it’s this mindset that body confidence coaches attempt to curb.

Well if there’s one body coach who practices what she preaches, it’s Michelle Elman.

The coach, and author of Am I Ugly?, addressed the idea that exercising is only for people with rock hard abs by posting her own fitness selfie.

Donning navy work-out leggings and a matching sports bra, Elman proudly displayed her curves.

Posting the photo on Twitter, she dedicated it “To the woman who feels excluded by the fitness world,” saying, “movement is not about the results.”

Elman went on: “All body types are entitled to enjoy exercise. You have as much of a right to be in the gym as anyone else. If someone stares, stare back.”

Reposting the photo on Instagram, Elman explained how it was her first run in years.

“I used to love running,” she wrote. “Well.. when I came out of hospital, it never went back to being that easy. I still loved it but I kept getting shin splints. I went to so many physios that eventually a physio said to me that I needed to either lose weight or stop running. [sic]

“As much as I loved running, that was not a choice. I had finally got to a good place with my body and free of disordered eating and nothing could make me compromise that, not even running. So I gave it up.”

Elman then explained that she later saw a different physiotherapist, who disagreed with the advice.

“She was shocked. She said she’s never heard that before and it wasn’t true. So I decided to give it another go – this year would be the year I got back into running [sic].”

After undertaking some pre-habilitation training, Elman was up and running again – literally.

It’s been hard to be patient, especially cause I’m not patient at all but it was so worth it. Nothing makes me feel more power in my body than running and the only reason I enjoy it is because it’s got nothing to do with weight loss, nutrition or calories. [sic]

“I run because I love it. If you don’t, don’t do it. Life is too short to do something you hate.”

The moral of the story? If you love something, screw what everyone else thinks.

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