The world's first 'anti-ageing' sandwich has arrived

[photo: BFree Foods]
[photo: BFree Foods]

It’s hard to walk through a beauty store without being bombarded with anti-ageing products.

From eye cream to face masks and conditioning treatments, you could be forgiven for thinking the world is in fear of getting old.

And eating your way to a younger, healthier looking body isn’t a new idea, either. Acai berries, figs and dark chocolate are all thought to slow down the ageing process.

But now, a ‘Sandwich Spa’ is offering the same beneficial effects – all from eating a special sandwich.

Named the ‘Roll Back The Clock’, it’s made up of a multi-grain wrap filled with sweet potato, lettuce, a few vegetables and a handful of sesame seeds.

Guests can enjoy their food while receiving a matching treatment like a massage or a mindfulness session.

The spa also has other anti-ageing snacks on the menu, including the BLT (which, sadly, does not contain bacon but stands for ‘beautiful long tresses’) and ‘A slice of energy’, a quinoa-based dish.

[photo: BFree Foods]
[photo: BFree Foods]

Health and fitness coach Julie Montagu is the person behind the new menu. She told the Evening Standard: “My one piece of advice is always: you are what you eat. That’s why I created this special Sandwich Treatment menu, devising recipes that can feed us from the inside, out.

“Of course, the anti-ageing sandwich won’t instantly take away the years overnight but when eaten as part a healthy lifestyle, the ingredients will certainly help to improve the overall look and feel of the skin.”

It opened up yesterday in La Galleria Pall Mall, London, but if you’re looking to go, you’ll need to wait for more tickets to go on sale.

The spa is open between the hours of 10am-3pm and you can find out more here.

[photo: Bfree Foods]
[photo: Bfree Foods]

The menu in full:

Mindfulness Bites: a mood-enhancing sandwich served with a session of mindfulness using uplifting and mood enhancing scents

Ingredients: BFree Oaty Loaf, avocado, smoked salmon, beetroot, cashew nuts, lemon, salt and pepper

B.L.T (Beautiful, Long, Tresses): a wrap with hair conditioning and strengthening properties served with a scalp-boosting, antioxidant oil-loaded head massage

Ingredients: BFree Sweet Potato Wraps, grilled tofu, walnuts, boiled egg, carrot, avocado, spinach

A Slice of Energy: an energy boosting meal served with a comforting and anxiety easing neck, shoulder and back massage

Ingredients: BFree Quinoa and Chia Seed Wrap, hummus, radishes, red pepper, asparagus, feta cheese, quinoa

Good Gut Club: a bloat-preventing pitta pocket served with a skin conditioning and inflammation reducing full body wrap

Ingredients: BFree Pitta Pockets, brown rice, black beans, coriander, red chilli, tomato, green olives, broccoli, chia seeds

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