8 simple hacks to make sure you're drinking enough water

[Photo: Pexels]
[Photo: Pexels]

We all know that drinking water is important, but how do we make sure we get in our eight glasses a day? Is eight glasses even the right number? And how much water should be in each glass?

Staying hydrated can be tricky when you’re working long hours or always on-the-go, but there are easy ways to ensure that you get more H2O in you.

Being hydrated is more than just not feeling thirsty. Water is essential for the human body, needed to protect our brain and internal organs, regulate body temperature and remove waste. Did you know that we actually lose a few litres of water through everyday activities like breathing and sweating? Without enough water, we become dehydrated, prone to headaches, dry skin and fatigue.

We need about eight glasses, two litres of water a day. Bearing in mind that if you’re doing more exercise or drinking diuretics like caffeine or alcohol, you need more water, but eight glasses works out at about five to eight sips of water every hour – it actually doesn’t sound like a lot.

Pimp your water

Water can be a bit boring on it’s own but if you’re conscious about the calories in cordial, try using fresh fruit, vegetables or even herbs. Mint works really well, as does lemon, ginger and berries. Try dropping frozen slices of lemon or cucumber into your water, for a tasty and ice-cold beverage.

[Photo: Chillys Bottles]
[Photo: Chillys Bottles]

Get a fancy water bottle

The more you like your bottle, the more you’re likely to use it. Pick a really striking design or an inspirational message that will make you smile every time you use it. We love the revolutionary Chillys Bottles that keep water ice cold for up 24 hours. The sleek metallic designs look beautiful and modern, we want one in every colour.

[Photo: Hydro Coach]
[Photo: Hydro Coach]

Harness the power of technology

It’s not rocket science, so there are a whole host of apps out there that will calculate how much you need to drink, track what you drink and send you a notification or reminder to drink water at certain times of the day. If you like a bit of competition. you can even set daily goals and try and beat your personal best each time. Apple users try Aqualert or Hydrocoach on Android.

Dilute drinks with ice

Ice serves two purposes – firstly it cools your drink and makes drinks look a bit fancier but it also adds extra water intake to your drink, providing more water as it melts. Adding a small tray of ice over the course of the day can up your intake by another half glass of water.

Eat foods high in water

You don’t have to just drink your water intake, don’t forget that food has water in it as well. Snacking on foods high in water content is a great, healthy way to get hydrated (and beat hunger!). Raw fruit and vegetables are best as cooked food loses it’s natural water content. Try cucumber or celery sticks or, for a sweeter snack, try watermelon, grapefruit or red peppers.

[Photo: MyBkr]
[Photo: MyBkr]

Keep it visible

If you’re having a hard time remembering, make sure your water vessel is visible and unmissable. Put a bright bottle onto your desk like this new MyBkr spiked edition – a luxury glass water bottle with a silicone cover (new colours coming soon!). With your water in your eyeline, it’ll be a constant reminder to drink more during the day. This is one bottle you’ll be rushing to show off at the water fountain.

Make it part of your routine

Whether it’s a glass of water when you wake up, or last thing before you brush your teeth, build water intake into your routine. It can even be something as simple as drinking a glass of water after every meal you eat. Perhaps you start your day with hot water and lemon, before drinking a glass before and after lunch, and a herbal tea in the evening? Embedding hydration into your routine will ensure you’re doing it regularly, without thinking about it.

Image: NATIV
Image: NATIV

Mark your bottles with times for water intake

Buy a bottle with pre-marked intervals – like this inspiration “Dream, Believe, Achieve” bottle from NATIV £15.99. You can also buy the stickers to add t your favourite clear bottle, or just make your own – all you have to do is come up with your own timed drinking goals and write the times on the bottle. All you need is a permanent marker and a steady hand.

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