Peter Andre's baby name shortlist revealed in full - including the quirky choices banned by Emily

Ever since Peter Andre and Emily MacDonagh welcomed their beautiful daughter earlier this month, the Mysterious Girl singer has been enlisting the help of fans to help choose a name.

But almost one month on and the 51 year old has revealed they're still no closer to deciding - but it looks like he has managed to narrow down a 'shortlist'.

From a Welsh contender and his favourite name, to a few choices that 34 year old Emily still isn't quite keen on, it seems the couple is still on the hunt for the perfect moniker. But Peter has revealed he's eventually passed the baton to Emily - since they have "less than four weeks before we have to register her".

Peter is still no closer to naming his newborn
Peter is still no closer to naming his newborn -Credit:Instagram/peterandre & dr_emily_official

In the meantime though, they've been lovingly referring to her as "bubba" while the six-week deadline to register her name draws closer.

As the couple are inundated with name suggestions from eager fans, let's take a look at the singer's shortlist so far...

The singer said he liked a few options but Emily wasn't too keen
The singer said he liked a few options but Emily wasn't too keen -Credit:Instagram/ @peterandre


But it appears that a Welsh name could be in the running after the name Seren, which means 'star' in Welsh, caught Peter's attention. Chatting with Wales Online, the star gushed: "I love that! "

He elaborated: "I would [choose a Welsh name] because someone else suggested Irish as well. There are similarities, maybe not completely, but even with Carys and Seren, there are a couple of Irish names that were mentioned to me that are similar to that. It's giving me this thinking outside the box."


Since his youngest daughter's arrival into the world, Peter been mulling over potential names for her on social media.

He told his followers he was interested in the name of the Greek goddess of wisdom, warfare, and handicraft.

He admitted his wife might not be on board, saying: "Athena is also in the running. Not sure how Ems feels about it but I LOVE it."

Emily welcomed a beautiful baby girl on April 2
Emily welcomed a beautiful baby girl on April 2 -Credit:@dr_emily_official/Instagram


He also suggested that "Charlotte is also in the running. I like Charlie."

However, he later revealed that those names have now been scrapped. In his OK! column, Peter shared: "We don't have long now until we need to register her, so the clock is ticking.


One fan suggested Olivia on Instagram and said: "Olivia is the best name lol @dr_emily_official @peterandre xx" Replying to this, Peter said: "Olivia was my number one choice but ems not sure."

Then, just days later, Peter explained in his OK! column: "I loved Olivia, Charlotte and Athena, but Emily didn't get too excited about those, so they're off the table.

Peter has narrowed down a 'shortlist'
Peter has narrowed down a 'shortlist' -Credit:Instagram / Peter Andre


Elsewhere, Peter also agreed with fans that suggestions of Sydney was "beautiful". It would be a neat reference to Australia, where he grew up.


Also in his Instagram comments, the singer noted that name Summer was "nice". But for now he is keeping us waiting to find out what the little one is actually called.