Parents are loving this clever pyjama folding hack to keep sets together

A mum has demonstrated a genius PJ folding hack on TikTok. (Getty Images)
A mum has demonstrated a genius PJ folding hack on TikTok. (Getty Images)

Sorting out your children’s drawers can be a satisfying task, but how long does it take for the neatly stacked piles to descend into messy chaos again?

And come bedtime many parents are left scrabbling to piece together a pair of matching PJs.

To help keep pyjama sets together and bring a little order to the disorder of children’s wardrobes one mum has come up with a genius folding technique that’s guaranteed to satisfy your inner Marie Kondo.

Demonstrating the simple yet clever hack on her TikTok account, Organising By Yvonne, and spotted by The Sun, the mum showcased the method that could see parents waving goodbye to the search to match up the tops and bottoms of their kids’ pyjamas.

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To begin the mum sorts the PJs into sets. She then folds the pyjama bottoms once or twice over and puts them to the side.

Moving onto the top of the set, the mum then lays it flat and puts the folded bottoms on top, making sure they are placed towards the collar.

Next she folds the top in around the bottoms starting with the sides, before folding it down and tucking the end of the top up into the collar.

By folding in this way, she ensures the set stays folded together, with the matching PJ bottoms tucked neatly inside and meaning they won’t get separated from the top resulting in a desperate pre-bedtime search.

And as if that wasn’t enough of a hack, the mum goes on to demonstrate how her folding method means the paired-up sets can now be stored neatly in drawers allowing parents and children the chance to see which PJs they want easily.

There’s no reason to stop at folding PJs in this way either, the mum also used TikTok to share the clever hack on other items of clothing.

It's easy for children's drawers to get messy. (Getty Images)
It's easy for children's drawers to get messy. (Getty Images)

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