Mum shares genius cake cutting hack using tongs instead of a knife

Why didn't we think of this sooner? (Getty Images)
Why didn't we think of this sooner? (Getty Images)

Let’s face it, cutting a cake to perfection is no easy feat.

Whether we’re hacking away at it until it crumbles before our eyes or serving up disproportionately sized pieces, the perfect slab is hard to come by.

These concerns are in the past for one mum who has come up with a genius hack for cutting a cake perfectly - use tongs instead of a knife.

It’s that simple, there will be no more side eyes over who gets the biggest piece at the dinner table. Simply whip out the tongs on your homemade (or shop bought, we’re not judging) masterpiece.

It seems tongs are a pretty useful utensil. While typically used to turn things over in the frying pan or on the BBQ, this mum used the end of hers to cut the perfect triangle in a cake.

Why haven’t we ever thought of this before?

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Mimi To was so impressed with her mum’s hack, she posted it on TikTok where it has been liked over 250,000 times.

There’s no reason to stop at cake, either. This metal tong hack should technically work on pizzas, pies, crumbles; the possibilities are endless.

TikTok users were equally as enthused by this futuristic life hack, particularly given how much time we’ve all dedicated to baking during the coronavirus lockdown.

“So my life was a lie, that’s the right use for this tool,” one impressed user wrote.

Arguably, tongs also work pretty well on a BBQ, but they just flew up the utensil leaderboard after this hack, we must admit. Before they were a pretty take-it-or-leave-it kitchen staple.

“Your mum is livin’ in 3020,” another rightfully fascinated viewer said.

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Many people were a bit confused as to why she needed to use the tongs instead of just using a knife.

One said: “Do people not know how to use a knife?”

Knife’s definitely come with limitations, one of which being the inconsistency in slice sizes.

The good thing about the tongs is that you can ensure everybody gets the same size or make them slightly smaller to accommodate for somebody requesting a smaller piece.

One person did have quite a valid point, though: “What happens if you want a bigger piece?”

Most people couldn’t come up with an answer to this, but we can’t see why you couldn’t just cut two pieces using the tong method, or, buy some larger tongs.

Either way, this new hack will revolutionise dinner table conversation when we’re allowed to have dinner parties again.