Woman's clever way to close a cereal box goes viral

No more torn boxes. (Getty Images)
No more torn boxes. (Getty Images)

Cereal boxes are one of life’s little annoyances.

If they don’t pop open during the day - making our cereal stale by the morning - then they’re flapping around in our cupboards, making everything harder to get out.

Well, that is until now.

One woman has shone a light on the “correct” way to close a cereal box and it’s safe to say that we’ve all been left open mouthed by the revelation.

Becky Holden McGhee has wowed us all by showing us the technique to fold over the top of a cereal box.

Not only does it look much neater, it stops our beloved cereal from losing its flavour after the box pops open.

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The genius woman even created a quick video tutorial to guide us through the steps to do this to our own cereal boxes.

“We all know they don’t close properly and it drives you nuts.” Holden McGhee started.

She then explained how you take the shorter two side flaps and pop them into the box. Then, you simply slide the two longer pieces into the box to create a sealed (and really aesthetically pleasing) finish.

“It's only taken me 40 years, but I now know the correct way to close a cereal box.” She admitted.

While we’re not sure that this is the way that cereal box manufacturers intended we close the boxes, it’s undeniable that this way makes a lot more sense.

Your move, cereal box makers.

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The idea caught the attention of so many people that even cleaning guru, Mrs Hinch, tried our the hack on her Instagram stories.

She was alerted to the new trend after her fans shared the hack with her and like everyone else, she was pretty amazed by the results.

“You deserve an award.” One person said to Holden McGhee.

“Woah I was today’s year old when I learned this.” Another amazed Facebook user wrote.

Another was left disappointed after finally snapping and buying containers for all of her cereal just one week before Holden McGhee announced her clever idea.

Hundreds of people piled onto her Facebook post - when she first posted the photos - to ask her to produce a video to make it crystal clear how to achieve the hack.

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If you were ever in doubt about the validity of this handy trick, hundreds of people have shared photos of their boxes, perfectly folded.

We are well and truly convinced.