This £5.50 clever avocado cutting tool has gone viral on TikTok

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This £5.50 avocado cutting tool has gone viral on TikTok. (Getty Images)
This £5.50 avocado cutting tool has gone viral on TikTok. (Getty Images)

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Remember the emergence of avocado hand? A widespread, very ‘zeitgeist’ injury that occurs when the knife you're using to cut an avocado slips through the soft fruit and into your hand or fingers.

The number of people struggling with the injury rose dramatically as more and more people began putting avocado on absolutely everything - no judgement, we were one of them.

However, though our love of the nutty green fruit hasn’t changed, the world of avocado tools certainly has, as a recent TikTik video demonstrated.

A video uploaded by user Christine Tran has received over 500,000 likes and shows her using a three-in-one slicer to safely chop and de-stone her avocado.

The knife part allows you to slice the avocado open, the pitting tool quickly and safely removes pits with a simple twist and then finally, the fan blade cuts fruit into perfect slices and scoops them out for serving.


However, though thousands of people were immediately keen to try out the product themselves, some watchers were a little more sceptical.

Christine received hundreds of comments telling her to “just use a knife” instead of investing in the chopping gadget.

In response, the TikTok’er uploaded a second video demonstrating how much more difficult - and dangerous - using a normal knife is.

Sold? We are.

The tool is also dishwasher safe and resistant to wet hands so it won’t slip out of your grip if you’ve washed your hands recently.

Even more excitingly, the tool itself only costs £5.50 and is available for next day delivery on Amazon.

Buy it: OXO Good Grips 3-in-1 Avocado Slicer | £5.50 from Amazon

Unsurprisingly, the avocado slicer has already received over 7,000 reviews on the shopping site, with people dubbing it “life-changing.”

One avo-lover commented: “I love this special avocado tool. It's making the whole process so easy and mess-free. Cleaning it is straightforward but works best with a brush. The slicer bit works best with nice and ripe avocado's but that's the ones you really want anyway.”

While another added: “Nice smooth grip, the knife is the perfect texture for slicing through the avocado skin.”

Right, we’re off to make smashed avocado on toast (again).

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