Forget lugging around a picnic basket, we just discovered this clever lunchbox on TikTok

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We just discovered this clever lunchbox on TikTok. (Getty Images)
We just discovered this clever lunchbox on TikTok. (Getty Images)

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We couldn’t be happier that - as of last Monday (June 1) - we’re now allowed to go outside for a picnic with six friends or family members.

That means we can now enjoy mini sausage rolls, dips, crisps and all manner of yummy goodies in the company of our loved ones - which makes chowing down on picnic favourites all the more sweet.

The only thing is, with so many people bound to be heading out to enjoy a picnic session too, it can take a little while to find the perfect spot.

This doesn’t sound like a big deal, until you’re the one carrying the picnic basket.

Those bottles of Prosecco, pots of mini sausages and crusty baguettes can get very heavy, very quickly.

Luckily, TikTok users have found a nifty solution to your future picnic woes.

The stackable lunch box first came to our attention when we saw TikTok’er @Autumnrosechastain using it.

In her video, which now has almost 400,000 likes, she demonstrates how the gadget divides into six, easy to screw on, compartments that are perfect for segmenting your picnic foods into.

The deceptive nature of the lunch box means you can fit two portions of pasta salad, crisps, sweets, hummus and vegetables into her easy-to-carry picnic bag, plus it comes with cutlery inside too.

So, while you’re walking around, you can simply wear your lunch around your shoulder like a crossbody bag, which means your arms get a break.

Plus, it keeps wet and dry food separate, vegetables cool and warmer food hot, and it means you can cater for different dietary requirements all at once.

Other users have been quick to jump on the trend and purchase the gadget for themselves and have been uploading videos to show their own excitement with the product.

So, how do you get your hands on one?

Amazon are selling the Homespon Lunch Box for £21.24 in four different colours and it’s already starting to rack up the reviews.

Buy it: HOMESPON Lunch Box with Insulated Lunch Bag | £21.24 from Amazon

“Initially I thought the price was a little high, but having received it and seen the quality and sturdiness, I think it’s actually a very good price. The pots are really easy to clean. You can use just the plastic if you like for cold things, then the metal containers for hot foods,” one picnic-lover wrote.

Another shopper added: “Love this I used it for my salad it keeps it fresh all day long. I used it for work and now I use it for picnics, would definitely recommend.”

We’re about to be the envy of our local park.

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