Mother who named her baby Disney defends choice after being ridiculed on Facebook

Jade Jeanes says she is happy with her baby name choice. [Photo: SWNS]
Jade Jeanes says she is happy with her baby name choice. [Photo: SWNS]

A mother has defended her decision to name her baby daughter ‘Disney’.

Jade Jeanes, 27, from Weston-super-Mare, said she originally wanted to call her daughter “Belle” – from Disney film ‘Beauty and the Beast’.

Instead, she opted for Disney – the surname of company founder Walt Disney – to mark her love for the iconic animated films.

Jeanes – who struggled for seven years to conceive with husband Joshua – has since defended her name choice after it was slated in a Facebook group.

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Jade, from Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, said: “Friends and family love the name, and I do too. I just really like the name Disney.

“Disney is quite a personality. Her name suits her and her personality loads.”

The group, called Mums the Word, allows users to “rate” children’s names with emojis – and the name “Disney” received a lot of laughing and crying faces.

Jeanes says if she has a son she will name him “Sonic”. [Photo: SWNS]
Jeanes says if she has a son she will name him “Sonic”. [Photo: SWNS]

While one might question why Jeanes decided to share the name choice on the public forum in the first place, she has now stated it is “no one’s business”.

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“It’s no one’s business what we decided to call her, and I think that’s the way our generation is going to be honest.”

She hopes that unusual names like “Disney” will become commonplace by the time her daughter reaches school age.

“The hope is that by the time she goes to school with other children her age, her name will just blend in.

“Other kids will have unconventional names, we hope. We don’t think she’ll have problems at school because of that.”

Nor has the negativity response to Disney’s name deterred Jeanes, who – continuing the animation theme – said she would name a son after a video game character.

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““I did think about naming [Disney] after a video game character,” said Jade, who used to work as a shop assistant at gaming store, Game.

“I don’t think I’ve come across any names from video games that were too ‘out there’.

“I’d love a son called Sonic.”

Disney isn’t the only polarising baby name. Awesome, Lucifer and Nun are among the more, let’s say, unusual baby names chosen by Scottish parents last year.

Earlier this year, a mother opened up about her decision to name her child “Baby”.

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