Lettice, Gypsy-Angel and Django-Wolf: 2019's already birthed some strange baby names

‘You want to call me what?’ [Photo: Getty]
‘You want to call me what?’ [Photo: Getty]

Choosing a baby name is a bit of an art. Of course, you can take inspiration from the most popular list (Olivia and Amelia reign supreme for girls and Oliver, Harry and George dominating the boys name charts). But, increasingly, parents are looking to stand out from the naming crowd by opting for a moniker that’s unique.

The trouble is, while they will no doubt be the only one on the pre-school register, an unusual name could also risk raising a few eyebrows.

There’s no doubt, however, that people find wacky names somewhat fascinating, so much so, that parents have gone online to share some of the most unusual baby names they’ve come across.

The feed on parenting site Netmums was originally started to offer mums and dads-to-be some namespo, but some of the monikers were pretty, shall we say, special.

“Not in a baby group but in a shop… a young lady in front of me shouted at her daughters who were being a bit boisterous… L’Oreal! Elvive! Get here now!!” one woman shared.

“Versace with twin siblings Dolce and Gabbana. I won’t say the surname but it rhymed with Versace,” another parent offered.

“Most unusual I’ve heard is Aquamarine,” another user commented. “I came across a news story featuring a Gypsy-Angel yesterday too.”

“My friend was in school with a Lettice and Soffy (NOT SOPHIE),” yet another user suggested.

Hyphenated names, including Django-Wolf and Bon-Quisha were also called out for being bizarre.

And some names were so unusual they proved easy to mix up.

“My girl came home from nursery one day and talked about her friend “Lotion”, I literally could not stop laughing for a good 10 minutes,” one mum wrote. “Turns out my girl had the name wrong and it was actually “Ocean”. It’s still funny though, thinking about some poor kid (that thankfully wasn’t) called Lotion.”

Some parents were turning to brand names for moniker inspiration with Diesel, Adidas and Nike all featuring in the thread.

Parents have gone online to share the most unusual baby names they’ve come across [Photo: Getty]
Parents have gone online to share the most unusual baby names they’ve come across [Photo: Getty]

One user pointed out that though the UK is more relaxed when it comes to baby names, other countries are far more restrictive with some monikers being placed on a ban list.

“There are no restrictions in the UK. Australia, New Zealand, France and a few other countries have regulations though,” they wrote.

Teachers are often in the best position to come across wacky names with one commenting: “I’m a teacher the most unusual name I’ve came across was ‘greater-light’.”

Another parent added: “The worst name I’ve heard so far is ‘Armani’ haven’t a clue what the parents were thinking!”

And possibly the most bizarre suggestion, although not everyone believed it was real: “Chlamydia. Yeah. That’s right. CHLAMYDIA.”

  • Sparkle

  • Fanny Chateau

  • Magic

  • Pisces

  • Cinderella

  • Fox

  • Vogue

  • Woody

  • Essence-star

  • Maikayda-bliss

  • Raspberry

  • Lee-Loo

  • Oral

  • T’Shaun

  • Elvis

  • Bear

  • Lucifer

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