Awesome, Lucifer and Nun among unusual baby names chosen by Scottish parents last year

The full list of baby names chosen by Scottish parents last year has been revealed [Photo: Getty]

Awesome, Lucifer and Nun were among the surprising names given to babies born in Scotland last year.

Today, the National Records of Scotland (NRS) released the full list of monikers chosen by parents for the 47,785 babies born across the country in 2018.

While Olivia and Jack remain the most popular first names in Scotland, a number of unusual choices also made the cut.

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Awesome, Buzz, Wit and Echo featured as unique male names with one newborn simply referred to as ‘A’. In regards to baby girls, some parents decided to name their children: Nun, Favour and Pepper.

Meanwhile, double-barrelled names also proved popular with Angel-Rain, Destiny-Dior and Alba-Crystal making the unique line-up.

A growing number of parents want a unique moniker for their child [Photo: Getty]
A growing number of parents want a unique moniker for their child [Photo: Getty]

But the monikers weren’t plucked from thin air, as a growing number of parents seek inspiration from famous figures when trying to come up with a meaningful name.

Last year, a number of babies were named after musical legends with monikers including Bowie, Elvis, Cobain and Macie-Gray.

While others sought help from the sporting world with one child named Zidane – a possible tribute to French footballer Zinedine Zidane.

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Often the name decision-making process can get political with Corybn proving a popular choice for boys with Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn most likely the culprit.

Though it won’t be the first time parents have looked to popular culture for help, as Babycentre recently revealed its 2019 baby name predictions – and you’re sure to have heard of a few.

According to the website, BBC1 cat-and-mouse thriller ‘Killing Eve’ will be responsible for any Eve, Villanelle or Oksana in your child’s class at school.

While ’70s classics such as Patricia, Barry, Cliff and Christine are expected to make a surprise comeback.