Stacey Solomon reveals her sister took the baby name she 'really wanted'

Stacey Solomon pictured with her sister Jemma. [Photo: Getty]
Stacey Solomon pictured with her sister Jemma. [Photo: Getty]

Stacey Solomon is currently expecting her first child with partner Joe Swash.

While the 29-year-old is likely considering her baby name options right now, she recently revealed her sister Jemma has already used one she “really wanted”.

“We have this sort of name rivalry. I really don’t want my sister to use any of the names,” the singer-turned-television personality told Heart radio presenter Lucy Horobin yesterday.

“Anyone else can in the world just not her. ’cause we can’t have cousins that have the same name.

“One of her children, I won’t mention which one, has got a name that I really wanted. And I said it out loud before. School boy error.”

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While Solomon didn’t specify exactly which name, her sister Jemma has three children – Darcy Willow, 5, Mila Luna, 5, and Hudson James, 1 – so we can only speculate at which of these names it is.

Click below to listen to Solomon’s partner Joe Swash on the ‘White Wine Question Time’, produced by Kate Thornton in association with Yahoo:

Solomon, who announced her pregnancy in an Instagram post on 22 February, is already mum to Zachary Solomon, 10, and Leighton Barham, 5, from previous relationships.

Is it ever okay to steal someone’s baby name?

Solomon isn’t the only woman to experience a baby name disagreement with her sister.

It’s exactly the situation one mum-to-be on Mumsnet found herself in, and she turned to the Internet for some advice on whether or not it is ok to use the same name.

“Two years ago my sister had her second son and named him Benjamin but he is always referred to called Benji,” she wrote.

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“Benjamin was going to be our name for a boy. My sister didn’t know this and I didn’t tell her this after she had him either but I did mention it to my mum when she told me he’d been born and the chosen name.

“I am now pregnant and it’s a boy and there is literally not one other name I can find that I like for boys, never mind one that my DH [darling husband] would also like.

“It’s quite unusual and I tend to prefer old-fashioned, traditional names. I have read websites full of lists of names and still there is nothing I can find.

She ended her post by revealing that she only sees her sister about five times a year and asking whether as “Benji is Benji how unreasonable do you think it is to call my son Benjamin?”