Destiny, Daisy-Mae and Joshua: Mums share their most hated baby names

Mums have revealed the baby names they hate. [Photo: Getty]
Mums have revealed the baby names they hate. [Photo: Getty]

We all know those parents who risk setting their newborn up for a life of playground teasing, odd glances and spelling mistakes by naming them something errr unique – like Lettice, Gypsy-Angel and Django-Wolf – to suit just how special they are.

But sometimes, a baby name just irks you for no good reason at all.

Perhaps its only offence is because it’s too common, double-barrelled, also a flower, or ends in ‘Mae’ (yep, really).

Some very normal names have been revealed by Netmums users as their most hated – and the rather inoffensive Destiny, Daisy-Mae and Joshua have made the list.

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Mums haven’t been holding back on a message thread titled ‘Names you dislike/ don’t get?’ about the rather regular monikers they can’t help hold an aversion to.

“Absolutely any name with Mae at the end or double barrelled Lily and Grace,” wrote one user.

“They are nice enough of their own drop the Mae. It’s so popular I literally roll my eyes when someone tells me their child is something Mae.”

Another singled out ‘Daisy-Mae’ in particular, adding that she also couldn’t stand “contrived, double names, such as Elliott-Leigh”.

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A third mum revealed her aversion to ‘Teddy’ and ‘Freddy’ and admitted that she was baffled herself about why she disliked them so much.

Meanwhile, another contributed: “I hate theme/pattern names, like ‘James Jack Joshua and John’, and ‘Rose, Lily, Fern, Daisy’ – children are individuals, not part of a set!”

One user openly said that the reason she wasn’t a fan of ‘Destiny’ and ‘Crystal’ was due to the fact they are “chavvy” and more appropriate for a “pornstar”.

“Names that are places (countries or cities) and names that are random words (i.e. fruits) just to be edgy,” the same lady added.

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Another agreed with her: “Also dislike place names, surnames, fruit names, seasons and weather names.”

But, while some of the criticism might seem a little silly, other users were genuinely concerned about the future of those with “cutesy” baby names.

“I dislike cutesy names like Poppet, Precious and Princess,” wrote one mum. “Most of the time those kids are horrible little brats because they have been treated like they are little princesses.”

While another backed her up, noting: “Cutesy wootsie baby names that would sound ridiculous when baby is a 50 year old accountant.”

And, just in case you’re naming a little one any time soon, the other names mums would rather you didn’t call your child include…

  • Hayden

  • Nevaeh

  • Tyllah

  • Miles

  • Atticus

  • Jonty

  • Thor

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