Love Island fans outraged over Joey Essex's three-word response after recoupling - before secret terrace kiss

Love Island fans outraged over Joey Essex's three-word response after recoupling - before secret terrace kiss

Love Island viewers were quick to criticise Joey Essex's three-word reaction on Thursday night's episode when new bombshell Jessy Potts chose him during a surprise recoupling.

Joey, 33, and his on-and-off flame Grace Jackson, 25, who are believed to have dated for about a year after meeting in Ibiza before heading into the villa, couldn't keep their hands off each other after reuniting earlier in the series, reigniting their romance. This reunion resulted in Joey's previous villa partner, Samantha Kenny, being harshly dumped from the show.

However, Monday's episode brought more drama as new bombshell Konnor Ewudzi chose Grace at the recoupling. Joey was not pleased with this development, having just reconnected with his ex outside the villa, and he ended up in a friendship partnership with Jess White.

Grace angry
Grace was left fuming on Thursday night's episode -Credit:ITV

But the drama didn't stop there - on Tuesday night, new bombshell Jessy picked Joey for a date, leaving Grace 'fuming' as Joey confessed he wanted to explore things with the new Islander while continuing their budding romance.

Grace, refusing to be part of a love triangle, criticised Joey for his actions, expressing her disappointment before breaking down in tears with the girls. With their romance on shaky ground and Joey seemingly wanting to get to know both girls, Thursday's episode saw a shock recoupling for new bombshells Jessy and Trey Norman.

Jessy stunned everyone by selecting Joey, who expressed his surprise with a simple: "Me? " He then followed up with: "Didn't expect that! "

Love Island fans flocked to Twitter to share their reactions, noting the connection between Joey and Jessy. One tweeted: "Joey? ? ? ? Didn't expect to be picked? ? ? ? Ffs #LoveIsland."

Jessy Joey
Jessy and Joey shared a kiss - after he said he was surprised that she picked him -Credit:ITV

Another added: "Why is he acting shocked now? ? #loveisland", as one more penned: "Why is Joey acting shocked? Like he's not been flirting with her and entertaining it #loveIsland."

Adding fuel to the fire, one fan queried: "is joey okay? ? after everything you've told this girl he's moving shocked #loveIsland", whilst another said: "Joey acting shocked is ridiculous #loveIsland."

Despite his initial surprise, Joey took Jessy to the rooftop terrace, breaking his promise to an irate Grace. Up there, Joey confessed to Jessy that he was glad she picked him.

As they shared a romantic moment on the terrace, they had to take cover as a vexed Grace realised they had snuck off. In an unexpected twist, Joey and Jessy shared a passionate kiss under the stars, although Grace and the other Islanders are yet to find out.

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