Love Island fans work out ‘real reason’ behind Jess and Harriett’s clashes before brutal exit

Love Island fans reckon they've sussed out the 'real reason' behind Jess White and Harriett Blackmore's villa rows.

ITV2 viewers were glued to their screens as the pair had another spat on the popular dating show. Despite trying to resolve their issues, the two couldn't seem to make amends on the show on Friday night, 28 June, before Harriet was sent home with Ronnie.

Harriett ended up storming off, leaving Jess feeling justified in her actions, believing that her co-star couldn't handle the situation.

Speaking about her relationship with Jess in her exit interview, after her and Ronnie Vint's shocking dumping tonight, she said: “I feel like from the beginning I’ve always tried to reach out to Jess and try and be there for her. I tried to rekindle our friendship after the Ronnie situation."

Ronnie Vint & Harriet Blackmore
Ronni, Harriett and Jess were in a triangle -Credit:ITV
Jess White and Ronnie Vint
Jess recently tried to rekindle with Ronnie but he wanted to pursue things with Harriett -Credit:ITV

"Naturally, it’s going to be hard when you both fancy the same boy, there’s going to be a bit of tension, but I feel like I’ve always tried to be the bigger person in the situation. However, I did put my foot down and just walked away from that situation because some of the comments I didn’t agree with.”

Fans of the hit reality show believe they know exactly why the two kept clashing.

Jess has said that she thought that Harriett had a problem because she was paired with Ronnie first. However, viewers think that Jess and Harriett simply don't get along and used the Ronnie situation as an excuse.

Jess White and Harriet Blackmore
Jess and Harriett tried to amend their friendship but it didn't work -Credit:ITV

They took to X - previously known as Twitter - to suggest that they need to sort out their issues.

One fan posted: "Nobody actually cares about Jess and Ronnie Jess needs to let it go she's clearly got an issue with Harriet and Ronnie because she didn't get picked."

Another user chimed in: "Loool I just realised Jess is a delusional b****. Harriet hadn't brought up Ronnie in that conversation but SHE did. Like you're actually insane to beef a girl over a man who doesn't want you."

Ronnie and Harriett leaving Love Island
Harriett and Ronnie left the villa in a shock dumping -Credit:ITV

"Everyone saying Jess is bullying Harriett. I don't think she is - they mutally dislike each other,” observed a third viewer.

As the episode came to an end, the villa was shocked with a news of a dumping and in the firing line were Wil and Uma, Grace and Konor and Harriett and Ronnie.

It resulted into an emotional dumping as Harriett and Ronnie had the fewest votes and were sent home.

The shock dumping means the couple will miss out on the iconic Casa Amor segment which is set to start this Sunday.

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