Lisa Snowdon, 52, shares heartbreaking update with fans

Lisa Snowdon has opened up on her terrifying health scare
-Credit: (Image: Instagram/Lisa Snowdon)

Lisa Snowdon has heartbreakingly opened up about the personal losses and health struggles that have marked her year.

The beloved Capital FM presenter and her partner George Smart soaked up some much-needed sun on the Balearic Island, with Lisa taking to Instagram to share her contemplative state.

Lisa penned a heartfelt message: "It's been such a weird year. It's started with me being poorly for almost 2 months. We lost my beloved uncle Mike. My family member who I love so so much has and is going through some other health conditions that I won't discuss right now. My dad has had surgery.... 2024 has not been kind to us."

Lisa Snowdon in bikini
Lisa Snowdon has shared a heartbreaking update on her life as she relaxed on holiday -Credit:Instagram/Lisa Snowdon

She went on to express gratitude for the getaway and acknowledged the mixed feelings it might stir in others: "This trip has been wonderful, it's been reflective and it's been what we both needed. I appreciate I'm lucky to be able to travel, I also realise it triggers anger in some that we can get away. Thank you to you who stick around on here and who are supportive to the max. Big BIG [heart emoji]."

Lisa also shared her frustration over a cancelled flight home, revealing she spent ages on a chatbot trying to resolve the issue, reports the Mirror.

Lisa later took to her Instagram Story again, this time fuming over the travel chaos she faced as she tried to get back from her getaway. In a candid video, she vented to her fans: "It was all going so well until British Airways cancelled our flight. I've been on the chatbot for two hours plus. Well done B.A., well done once again for ruining our holiday. Another f****** flight."

Lisa Snowdon
Lisa also ranted about British Airways -Credit:Instagram/Lisa Snowdon

British Airways responded with a statement and confirmed that Lisa's issues had been sorted. They said: "We have apologised to our customer for their experience and have been in contact to resolve the issue."

Previously, Lisa opened up about her struggles with feeling "lonely" amidst dealing with various "painful" perimenopause symptoms. During an appearance on Loose Women, she highlighted that although there has been significant progress in raising awareness about perimenopause in recent years, there's still much to learn.

She shared: "There's so much more out there now and you can make a decision and can understand what's happening. Whereas 10 years ago, I didn't know and I think when you're alone and you're doing it on your own and you don't have that information, that's when it's a scary, lonely place to be. Knowing what we know now, we can work through it, we can navigate it, we can get the help we need so don't be scared, just be prepared."