Elton John's savage nickname for David and Victoria Beckham revealed

Elton John and Victoria Beckham
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Elton John is said to have come up with a rather cutting nickname for David and Victoria Beckham after witnessing their alleged antics on his yacht.

In the explosive new book by Tom Bower, titled The House of Beckham', the dynamics of the Beckhams' marriage are dissected, including David's supposed affair and the couple's increasingly strained relationship with the Royal family, especially with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Rebecca Loos, who once claimed to have had an affair with the soccer star in 2004, is said to have been keen to speak out against David following her distaste for how he treated a waitress. Sir Elton is also reported to have poked fun at David and Victoria over how they treated his staff during a stay on his yacht.

Victoria and Elton
Victoria posted a photo of herself and Elton on a boat on Instagram in 2019 -Credit:Instagram/victoriabeckham

Allegedly, the legendary musician dubbed the pair "Takeums" because they didn't leave a tip for his crew while aboard his luxury vessel. Recently, the Sunday Times Rich List estimated the Beckhams' fortune at £455 million ($575 million).

Representatives for both David and Elton have been approached by OK! for comment.

Elton has been a long-time friend of Posh Spice, spanning back three decades, and even made a brief appearance in the 1997 film 'Spice World'. Victoria disclosed in a heartfelt letter to her older self that it was Elton who inspired her decision to quit the Spice Girls, as watching him perform made her realise that her true passion lay elsewhere than singing and dancing.

David and Victoria Beckham
David and Victoria have been together for over 25 years -Credit:Dave Benett/Getty Images

Posh Spice reminisced: "Remember years ago, watching your dear friend Elton John on stage in Las Vegas? He performed 'Tiny Dancer', as if it were the first time, and you realised this was like oxygen for him. It was a life-changing moment - while singing and dancing was fun for you, it wasn't your passion. That day, you started your quest to uncover your own dreams. It was time to step away from being a Spice Girl."

Elton John is so close to the Beckham family that he's enjoyed numerous holidays with them, and the Beckham kids affectionately call him Uncle Elton. David even playfully cautioned 'Watch out uncle' when he shared a clip of Cruz showcasing his piano talent.

Tom Bower's new book has stirred the pot by suggesting that Rebecca Loos's irritation with David's attitude towards a waitress sparked a major test in the Beckhams' marriage, which has lasted nearly 25 years. Bower notes: "The turning point for Loos was realising Beckham's double standards. After a meal for SFX employees at Madrid's Hard Rock Cafe, Beckham did not leave a tip."

The following day, the waitress handed Loos a note for Beckham, expressing her outrage that someone so famous and wealthy could be so tight-fisted. She explained that she depended on tips to make ends meet.

Bowers writes that David was taken aback after reading the note and handed over a hefty amount of euros, saying, "'Give her this". He adds: "Reflecting in February about how Beckham had played her and lied to her, Loos was angry."