Bride called out for sending hen party guests an itemised bill

A bride has divided the Internet over her itemised bill for her hen do [Photo: Getty]
A bride has divided the Internet over her itemised bill for her hen do [Photo: Getty]

Hen parties and stag dos can be and expensive business, and though you’d likely expect to fork out for your spending, receiving an itemised bill might be taking things a stage too far.

But that’s exactly what happened to one woman who’d recently attended a friend’s hen do.

Taking to Reddit to share a screenshot of a message from the bride, Sarah, entitled ‘bachelorette expenses’, the anonymous poster wrote: “So I received an invoice from the bachelorette party.”

Within the message, Sarah had listed the total cost of every outlay from the hen do including food, décor and gifts for the bride.

She’d then divided the cost by seven, which presumably was the number of hens in attendance.

Which all sounds reasonable enough, but what’s a little unusual is the time and care the bride had taken to list every single item.

What’s more the list included not only expensive items, but also those cheaper items such as a watermelon, lemonade and M&Ms.

In each case she’d listed the total cost of the item then divided it by seven to work out what each guest owed individually.

In the case for the Sprite, which was listed, Sarah worked out that it had cost $1.68, which split between her guests was 24 cents or 18p each.

The total cost for the bride came to $166.67 (£126.80), meaning each guest was being asked to splash out a whopping $23.81 (£18.11).

The itemised bill was shared to Reddit [Photo: Reddit]
The itemised bill was shared to Reddit [Photo: Reddit]

But the itemised list didn’t go down with the original poster.

“The list goes on too,” she explained to the forum. “God forbid we get away without paying each .28 for paper napkins.”

“I’m sorry but if you take the time to split the cost of a honeydew by 7, you are insane,” she returned to the forum to add.

She went on to say that there had also been some confusion over the alcohol situation, in that having been told to bring her own, she was also charged for the brides alcohol, so effectively paid twice.

“The party wasn’t even fun bc [because] she was trying so hard to make it a picture perfect party and it seemed unnatural and more like a business transaction,” she added.

Since sharing other users have been quick to offer their thoughts on the unusual bill, with many agreeing that it was a little over-the-top.

“Omg, did this come from the bride? I thought this was some overbearing Maid of Honour (which I would kinda get a little bit more) this is appalling!” one user wrote.

“Do not pay this. It’s tacky, and was not previously agreed upon. BYOB means you don’t pay for her booze. Give her $20 and be done with it,” another user suggested.

But not everyone thought the itemised bill was unreasonable.

“This may just be me as a guy talking but I actually kind of like this,” one user added. “How many bachelorette/bachelor parties do you go to where they just say it’s $250 per person and you’re not really sure what you paid for. This way you kind of know.”

“It only looks ridiculous because it’s so itemised,” another user wrote. “If it just said, “Grocery: $X” it would seem pretty normal. Especially if it was already decided everyone was going to split the costs at the end of the weekend.”

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And last month a shell-shocked wedding guest shared a list of demands from a so-called bridezilla that left social media reeling.

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