Bride-to-be calls off her wedding after guests refuse to pay £1200 towards it

A bride-to-be’s epic rant has gone viral [Photo: Getty]
A bride-to-be’s epic rant has gone viral [Photo: Getty]

A furious bride-to-be has called off the wedding she wanted her friends to pay £1,200 to attend.

Getting married can be an expensive business, so it isn’t unusual for brides and grooms to ask their friends and family to contribute.

But one bride-to-be, Susan, got a little bit carried away with her wedding planning and needed a, really quite significant, financial contribution from her friends to pull-off her dream day.

And having asked them to splash the cash, she also made it apparent that if they weren’t willing to cough up, they weren’t really going to be welcome.

Unsurprisingly, things didn’t end well and having called off her big day, Susan seemingly took to Facebook to share her feelings on the matter.

Of the epic rant has since gone viral, after being screenshotted and shared to Mumsnet and Twitter.

Susan started her post by apologising for cancelling her wedding at such short notice explaining that she and her other half have split due to “recent and irreparable” problems.

“How did this all come crashing down? Well I invite you all on Facebook – players, bystanders and side characters of the people in my life – to take a seat and listen.

“You’re all involved somehow, somehow everyone is wrapped into this mess. Even if you weren’t invited to my wedding, I don’t care.”

She goes on to explain that things were all rosy at first.

Having met her ex at 14, he asked her to marry him at 18 and they had their first child at 20. But fast forward a few years and while planning their big day, things started to go wrong.

Though they’d saved $15,000 (around £11,600), to have the big party they’d always wanted they would need about $60,000 (about £46,500) in total, so they turned to friends and family for help.

“I SPECIFICALLY, I mean SPECIFICALLY, asked for cash gifts. How could we have OUR wedding that WE dreamed of without proper funding?

“We’d sacrificed so much and only asked each guest for around $1500 (approx £1200). We talked to a few people who even promised us more to make our dream come true.

A bride-to-be’s called off her wedding after her guests refused to pay for it [Photo: Getty]
A bride-to-be’s called off her wedding after her guests refused to pay for it [Photo: Getty]

She went on to explain that her maid of honour had offered $5000 and her ex’s family also contributed $3000.

“We made it CLEAR, if you couldn’t contribute, you weren’t invited to our exclusive wedding. It’s a once in a lifetime party.”

So they sent out RSVPs and only eight people replied. Unsurprisingly Susan was not happy.

“How was this supposed to happen for a little help from our friends. To make matters worse my ex’s family took back their offer.”

And other people started backing out too including her maid of honour.

To try to salvage the wedding, the couple set up a go fund me page but only managed to raise another $250.

With her dream wedding slipping out of site, the final nail in the coffin came when Susan’s ex suggested having a “cheap, raggedy, filthy whore” ceremony in Vegas instead of the dream day she’s hoped for.

“I just wanted to be a Kardashian for a day and then live my life like normal,” she explained.

To top things off, Susan suspected her husband-to-be had been cheating on her. So there was only one thing for it, call it off and head off travelling, leaving it all behind.

So instead of jetting off on her honeymoon, she decided to go backpacking across South America for the next two months to rid herself of the “toxic energy”.

“I need to get away from this awful society. How hard would it have been to f***ing donate friends? Do I matter to you?

“Friendly reminder, don’t think you own me. I am cutting all of you snakes off. I am living my life alone now.”

Unsurprisingly people on social media were pretty shocked by the whole elaborate tale.

“OMG thats some bridezilla!!” one Mumsnet user wrote.

“Can’t be true. Surely. But if it is, all those other Bridezillas out there should bow out in shame,” another added.

The now-deleted Facebook post as said to have been only up for 15 minutes before Susan took it down, and someone claiming to be a relative of the bride has since had their say.

Susan’s apparent ‘second cousin’ confirmed that she was definitely “a living breathing human being,” and that they, “sadly shares a small percentage of DNA”.

They went on to say: “Clearly she has entitlement issues, but I have never known her to be this obnoxious. Honestly, over the years she’s been nice and overall sweet. No red flags come to mind.

“She has humble beginnings and has been working on her parents farm since she was young. You really wouldn’t expect someone from an agricultural background to value Kardashian style materialism, but hey? I guess she’s an outlier! [sic]

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