'Why cant I have what I always dreamed of?': 'Bridezilla' spends £70,000 on five different weddings

<i>Photo via Instagram/sandeeigwe</i>
Photo via Instagram/sandeeigwe

A woman is being dubbed “Britain’s biggest Bridezilla” after putting her family and friends through the ringer while planning her five weddings – all to the same man.

Sandra Igwe proudly revealed she spent over £70,000 on extravagant ceremonies and 13 wedding dresses to celebrate her marriage to her husband, Obinna Igwe.

Sandra Igwe is being called ‘Britain’s biggest bridezilla.’ Image via Instagram.
Sandra Igwe is being called ‘Britain’s biggest bridezilla.’ Image via Instagram.

From a young age us girls plan the biggest day of our lives so when the time came I wanted to have the perfect wedding,” the newlywed told “This Morning.” “I thought, ‘I want it here, I want it there and there,’ and I thought, ‘Why cant I have what I always dreamed of?'”

Guests were asked to spend nearly £3,000 each to attend the first two ceremonies in Nigeria. Despite one guest needing to take out a loan to attend, Igwe said she doesn’t feel guilty about her demands.

Image via Instagram.
Image via Instagram.

“I wanted my best friends there. I wanted my family there. I wanted everyone there to celebrate an amazing day in my life,” she said. “If you care about somebody and you love them, then why would you not be there for such a significant moment in their lives. I don’t feel guilty. I would do the same – I have done the same… I think it’s completely fine.”

The drama didn’t stop for Igwe and her guests – especially those who chose not to follow her rules. For one ceremony, guests were asked to adhere to a strict blue and silver dress code; those that didn’t were banished from the dance floor, conveniently out of frame for any wedding photos.

Igwe is still bothered that someone in pink somehow appeared in the background of one of her photographs.

“The wedding pictures, you’ll look back and remember the day and it has to look perfect. Anyone who disrupts that perfect day should be booted.”

Wedding number 3. Image via Instagram.
Wedding number 3. Image via Instagram.

For her third wedding on the beach, Igwe had a falling out with her videographer, who she sayid failed to get the perfect shot and said she had to take over directing everything from the poses, the trees and even the waves in the background.

The fourth wedding was a small civil ceremony held at the local registry’s office, and Igwe was furious when friends said they couldn’t attend to watch her and her husband sign their marriage license.

The fifth and final wedding was a glamorous reception in London, with 13 bridesmaids and a wardrobe change. While most brides arrive fashionably late, Igwe kept her guests waiting for four hours. Because of her late arrival, the choreographed dance that she demanded her bridal party memorize was nixed from the reception.

Despite falling out with several family and friends, Igwe says her wedding was ‘everything she ever wanted.”

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