Inside Kit Harington's £94,000-a-month rehab

Caroline Allen
The Privé-Swiss wellness retreat is a two hour drive from New York and is popular amongst celebrities. [Photo: Getty]

Kit Harington, 32-year-old ‘Game Of Thrones’ star, has reportedly checked into the Privé-Swiss wellness retreat in Connecticut.

After an intense eight year stint on the HBO hit fantasy show, his publicist confirmed his stay at the retreat.

“Kit has decided to utilise [sic] this break in his schedule as an opportunity to spend some time at a wellness retreat to work on some personal issues.”

The £94,000-a-month facility is famed for teaching guests to deal with stress and negative emotions.

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Selena Gomez has also reportedly stayed in the £94,000 a week retreat. [Photo: Privé-Swiss wellness retreat]

What is Privé-Swiss wellness retreat?

The retreat offers programmes to help overcome depressionanxietytrauma, addictions and other mental health challenges.

It keeps itself completely off the radar; it doesn’t advertise and it doesn’t have any social media presence.

It was founded by 59-year-old Heidi Kunzli, who was an alcohol addict herself until she got sober at 33. After she became sober, she invested her time in helping other people do the same thing.

The treatments

In order to demand such a fee, the treatments have to be one-of-a-kind. Each psychotherapist, psychiatrist, life-coach and fitness trainer that the retreat employs has to have a minimum of 20 years’ experience.

A treatment plan is created on a case-by-case basis and is said to be a retreat from high profile, “always on” lifestyles.

Treatments might include: an assessment, naturopathic physician assessment and testing, psychotherapy, life coaching, meditation, nutritional advice, specialised counselling, daily workouts and massages and acupuncture.

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A typical day

Whilst each guest’s experience would differ slightly dependent on their requirements, a typical day would include a mixture of treatments.

It might begin with emotional or psychological work, light yoga or pilates or a mindfulness session.

All meals are prepared by a personal chef. There’s no menu, and chefs can provide you with anything you fancy on the day.

There’s also access to a doctor of naturopathic medicine and an acupuncturist, along with a massage therapist.

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Owner, Heidi Kunzli, told Town & Country last year: “Some people need and desire a program of more intensive therapy, and most people have been living in their head for so long they’ve lost touch with their body.”

A typical guest

Heidi Kunzli went on to explain what type of client the retreat attracts: “There is no deep connection to anything profound or personally meaningful anymore.”

“That’s the number one feeling that people come in with. Lack of feeling. A lot of fear involved. Transition from one identity to another. So many people will say, I’m not who everybody thinks I am.”

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Celebrity guests

Kit Harington is not the only celebrity to have reportedly checked into this retreat.

Selena Gomez is reported to have stayed there for two weeks in 2018 after a tumultuous year.

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