Why we should all be sleeping naked

Here’s why we should all be sleeping naked [Photo: Getty]

Ditch your pyjamas, burn your nightie and chuck out your manky old T-shirt: Turns out we should all be sleeping naked.

Today is World Sleep Day, the day when we celebrate the wonders of shut eye and learn how to get much more of it.

But one of the simplest changes we could make to our bedtime routine is shedding our PJs and sleeping completely starkers.

According to research by online furniture retailer, Furniture Choice, one in four (23%) of Brits currently sleep in the nude.

And according to experts that means they are reaping a whole host of sleep and other health benefits.

“Sleeping naked means that your body remains cooler during the night, which is important as overheating is a common cause of disturbed sleep,” Dr Sarah Brewer, a general practitioner explains.

“Being over-hot in bed by 3-4 degrees changes brain-wave patterns, reduces the amount of time you spend in REM sleep, increases the chances of waking up and reduces deep sleep.”

“Many worry about sleeping naked in the winter, however if your bedroom is the recommended temperature of between 18-24 degrees C all year round, then there shouldn’t be a problem,” she adds.

And there are a whole host of other plus points of being PJ-free…

Weight loss

“If sleep is disrupted from being too warm, your body produces more cortisol than usual, leading to an increased appetite,” says Dr Brewer.

And getting a good night’s kip can help you shed the pounds in other ways too. Earlier this year scientists revealed that sleeping longer could be the key to losing weight.

According to a new study from researchers at King’s College London, those of us who snooze for an extra hour or so could end up consuming fewer sugars and carbohydrates. 

Sleeping naked can improve male fertility [Photo: Getty]

Improves male fertility

Trying for a baby? You might want to give the PJs the heave-ho. “Testosterone hormone is secreted at night and rises in certain stages of sleep,” Dr Brewer explains.

“If a man feels too hot and his sleep is disturbed as a result, his testosterone production may be reduced. Sleeping naked helps to promote a healthier sleep pattern, so normal testosterone production occurs.”


Reduces risk of fungal skin infections

According to Dr Brewer, when conditions are warm and moist ie when you’re in your toasty flannel PJs, Candida yeast cells change from the superficial ‘harmless’ cell form, to invading threat form. “Sleeping naked and airing areas susceptible to thrush can lead to fewer recurrent Candida infections,” Dr Brewer advises.

That follows similar advice from Donnica Moore, gynaecologist and president of Sapphire Women’s Health Group, who told Health.com that as well as avoiding the dreaded VPL, ditching our underwear in bed can be beneficial for our health.

“It’s not good to always have the lady parts locked up,” she said. “They need air like all other parts of your body.”

She goes on to explain that continuously covering your crotch makes it easier for heat and sweat to build up, which increases your risk of yeast infection.

Further proof that its time to sleep in the buff.

From improving your skin to preventing fungal infections, there are a whole load of benefits to sleeping in the buff [Photo: Getty]

Improves relationships with significant other

Yep, sleeping commando might actually make you like your partner more. A 2014 survey of Brits by Cotton USA, found that 57% of those who slept nude reported being happy in their relationship. That’s 9% more than PJ wearers, followed by 43% of nightie wearers.

“Sleeping naked gives a sense of freedom and may help couples feel more loving. Humans are highly-tuned to the sight of bare skin, which acts as a signal for sexual arousal,” Dr Brewer explains.

Improves your skin

Want better skin? Time to ditch the nightwear. “Overheating at night can worsen many skin conditions, so sleeping naked can help prevent this,” explains Dr Brewer.

What’s more, sleeping sans clothes can also help keep you looking younger. Apparently, the same human growth hormone that helps you burn fat is also known as your body’s anti-ageing agent. By repairing your cells, it can help keep the dreaded wrinkles at bay and even smooth over skin lesions and spots.


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