10 ways lack of sleep is messing up your life

Marie Claire Dorking

Not getting enough sleep? Welcome to the wide awake club. According to recent statistics one third of Brits now sleep for just five-to-six hours per night, which is significantly less than the standard seven-eight hours that experts recommend we need.

But while we know that not getting enough shut eye will leave us likely to bite the heads off our partner, the kids, the family dog, did you realise a bad night’s sleep leaves us vulnerable to work place arguments too?

A new study, published by the Rotterdam School of Management, has revealed that erratic and disruptive behaviour at work can be caused by just one night of poor ZZZs.

Researchers found that lack of sleep does not only mean tired and groggy workers, but can also cause “unwanted” activity, which they believe could be associated with lower levels of self-control.

“Unwanted behaviour in the workplace often stems from selfish impulses that are not kept in check by self-control,” explains study researcher Laura Giurge.

This so-called bad behaviour could be anything from being rude to a colleague or increasing the likelihood of ‘borrowing’ the office stationary. But the research suggests poor quality sleep, even for one night, can have a powerful influence over people who would otherwise not normally behave like that. Yikes.

And getting your grump on in the office isn’t the only way not getting enough zeds is impacting our lives. Here’s the ten surprising ways sleep deprivation is messing with us….

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