Woman shares genius TikTok hack to clean stained plastic pots

A TikTok user has shared a game-changing hack for getting plastic pots clean. (Getty Images)
A TikTok user has shared a game-changing hack for getting plastic pots clean. (Getty Images)

Reusable tubs are a must-have in any kitchen - providing handy storage for leftovers, acting as makeshift lunchboxes and children’s snack boxes.

But there is one drawback to plastic food storage boxes - they get stained very easy.

In fact it sometimes seems that no amount of scrubbing will ever rid the once-clear plastic of its orange hue.

Once you’ve stored bolognese, curry or anything similarly colourful, it may seem like your boxes will never be perfectly clean again.

But one woman has revealed how she tackles the oily marks and people think her advice is a game-changer.

Adi Kempler shared a video on TikTok showing how she uses kitchen roll to help get your plastic pots back to their stain-free best, zero scrubbing required.

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In the video, Kempler squirts a little washing up liquid into the container, adds warm water and then rips up a few pieces of kitchen roll and drops the pieces into the soapy water in the container.

Then she puts the lid on and shakes vigorously for around 45 seconds.

As if by magic, the kitchen roll helps to absorb and break down the oily residue, leaving her containers looking as good as new.

And all in under a minute.

“So, I never post on here but I really wanted to share this trick for getting greasy stains out,” the video clip is captioned.

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The video has had over 500K likes and received thousands of comments from people who have tried it out and recommend it too.

“This works, I’ve done it numerous times,” one commented.

While another wrote: “What? That might’ve just changed my life.”

Plastic containers usually need a lot of scrubbing. (Getty Images)
Plastic containers usually need a lot of scrubbing. (Getty Images)

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