Turns out, you've been grating cheese wrong this whole time

Have you been grating cheese wrong this whole time? [Photo: Getty]

No hearty plate of homemade spaghetti is complete without a sprinkling of good old fashioned parmesan. But there’s nothing more frustrating than the mess grated cheese often leaves on our kitchen worktop.

So imagine our surprise after learning that we’ve been using our go-to grater wrong this whole time.

One Twitter user took to the social media platform to share a video on how you’re supposed to grate cheese like the manufacturer intended alongside the caption: “Ok, I was today years old when I found out THIS is how a cheese grater is used!? I feel a fool.”

The video – which was created by Tastemade UK – depicts someone shaving cheese by laying the grater on its side before grating away. In turn, this enables the cheese to collect inside the device (instead of on the kitchen counter).

Then, all you have to do is tip the grated parmesan into a bowl before serving – minus the mess.

Unsurprisingly, the post soon went viral after amassing over 60,000 likes as fellow users promptly took to the tweet to express their disbelief.

One commented, “Eh, I’ve never seen that in my whole life. Absolutely baffled.” Another semi-joked, “Omg my life is changed.”

“I feel like obliged to go and grate cheese now,” one social media user tweeted.

Personally, we can’t think of a greater excuse for a carb-laden dinner tonight.

Well, someone’s got to test out the theory…

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