The five questions you should ask on a first date (according to experts)

“How did you vote on Brexit?” Is an important one, according to psychologists. [Photo: Getty]
“How did you vote on Brexit?” Is an important one, according to psychologists. [Photo: Getty]

We’ve all wondered what topics to bring up – and avoid – during our first dates.

According to behavioural psychologists, though, the topics we’ve long been avoiding might be just the ones to bring up.

Psychologists at the University of Liverpool researched what makes or breaks a relationship and came up with five key questions.

These questions encapsulate both values and personality traits crucial to a lasting relationship.

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1. How did you vote on Brexit?

“How did you vote on Brexit?” made its way right to the top of the list.

The researchers found that finding out any political differences in the first instance is worth it, so as not to cause heartache further down the line.

The issue is most prominent amongst younger generations with reports showing 22 per cent of millennial couples having broken up with someone over political differences.” Dr Eric Robinson, a reader in psychological science at the University of Liverpool, said.

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2. What do you spend most of your money on?

According to psychologists, asking your date how they spend their money can be quite telling.

It should help you determine how responsible they are with their money and around money. After all, money is one of the main causes of arguments in relationships.

3. If you lost your wallet, do you think it would be returned?

This question helps establish openness and trust, so the experts say.

People prefer relationships with people who are trusting, and there’s nothing quite as trusting as assuming the best in strangers.

We’ve all read the heartwarming story about the stranger who returned a wallet with something extra inside, after all.

4. What was your last holiday?

How a person chooses to spend their holiday says a lot about your levels of compatibility.

It helps you to determine how they spend their time outside of work and the level of adventure they’re up for.

“They key here is to ask someone about their last holiday rather than their future plans, because it gives you an idea of what they actually like doing rather than what they’d like to suggest they like doing,” Dr Robinson said.

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5. How did you spend Christmas and New Year?

Some people find spending time with family incredibly important. Others would rather take a break from socialising.

If you are both the polar opposites when it comes to socialising, you might be destined for trouble.

By asking “concrete questions” about what a person has done, rather than what they hope to do, researchers say you get a clearer picture of the person.

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