Married couples reveal how they keep the spark in their marriages

These husbands and wives think they know the key to a happy marriage. [Photo: Getty]
These husbands and wives think they know the key to a happy marriage. [Photo: Getty]

10 people revealed how they kept their marriage alive as part of The Cut’s series, Marriage: An Investigation.

The tips included hiring a cleaner, not snooping on each other’s text messages and having sex at least once per week. Most of the answers were centred around giving each other space and keeping up an active sex life.

Julia, 38, who has been married for eight years said: “Have sex once a week, no matter what. If you don’t do this, you end up feeling like roommates, and who wants to live with a gross boy?”

And Randy, 48, who has been married for 15 years, thinks the key to a happy marriage is to feel sexy and confident around each other. She said that her boob job was the “best thing I did for my relationship.”

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According to studies, two thirds of us snoop on our partner’s text messages, emails and social media accounts without their permission. That, according to Tanya, 33, who has been married for two years is a big no-no. She said: “We never, ever, ever look at each other’s emails or texts. Snooping leads to nothing good.”

Tanya and her partner aren’t the only ones who deem privacy as the mark of a good marriage. When it comes to finances in Aviva and her partner’s household, they keep things separate. “I don’t know or care about his finances. He doesn’t know or care about mine.”

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Chores has got to be pretty high up on the list of things couples argue about. Whether you’re the one always emptying the bins or perhaps you have wildly different views on what constitutes as clean, it’s regularly a bone of contention.

Carly, 38, has that covered: “Hire a cleaning person.”

Her straight to the point advice is mimicked by Amy, 41, who has been married for three years: “What keeps our marriage happy? Not asking ourselves if we’re happy.”

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