• The easiest fruit and vegetables to plant in your garden

    Planting fruits and vegetables in your garden doesn't have to be a chore, neither does maintaining them. These simple fruits and vegetables all but grow themselves.

  • Super-cool bride wears pink while her bridesmaids wear white

    We're jealous we didn't think of it first.

  • Selfies can be good for your mental health, it turns out

    Selfies have been getting a bad rep recently, with people saying that they’re ‘vain’, trigger low self esteem and are something that only ‘self-obsessed’ millennials like to do. The group was then randomly split into three, with one third being asked to take a smiling selfie at this time, another to take a picture of an object of place that made them happy, and the final group told to take a picture of something that would make someone else happy before sending it to the person. In other words, taking happy selfies is far from damaging for our self esteems - in fact, it probably makes us happier.

  • It’s Official - We’re Having Less Sex Than Our Parents

    Apparently, 15% of 20-24 year-olds have had no sexual partners since turning 18, while the same was true for just six per cent of the previous generation at the same age. “This is part of a general theme of later maturation that’s been pretty well-documented,” said lead researcher Jean Twenge, who suggested that Generation Y’s economic situation may also be killing the mood. Worst of all, the study said that the millennial generation’s lateness to start having sex was most similar to those born in the 1920s.

  • Is Getting Married Still Considered An Achievement?

    Being married is a great thing to many and everyone should be able to celebrate the happy couple on their engagement or marriage. Success comes in many different ways to different people, and some success may not be spoken about as much as an engagement but it should still be considered a big deal, the same way a marriage is. Marriage is a still a big achievement however it’s not the only big achievement people should celebrate.