Dad shares amazing trick for getting baby to sleep in under a minute

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A dad's simple yet effective baby sleep hack is trending online [Photo: Getty]
A dad's simple yet effective baby sleep hack is trending online [Photo: Getty]

A dad’s simple yet effective hack to soothe a baby to sleep in under a minute is giving frazzled parents everywhere hope.

Any mum or dad who has ever done the lonesome middle of the night pace trying to jiggle a fractious baby to sleep needs this handy trick in their parenting arsenal.

Having discovered the secret to successfully and speedily settling a baby into slumber, the dad headed to Reddit to share the magical trick with other frazzled parents.

It seems the secret to speedy snoozing is simply to rub your hand gently over a baby’s head and eyes, then repeat until they nod off, in just under a minute if this dad’s example is anything to go by.

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Of course, there’s no guarantee that this trick will work for every baby, as fast, or even at all, but the comments in the section suggest many parents are totally up for giving it a go.

“I feel cheated that I didn’t know this trick. Reddit has failed me,” one user wrote.

“Does this work with all babies? Or just this make and model?” another joked.

“I’m trying this tonight!” another user wrote. “If it doesn’t work I’m reporting you for false advertising.”

Others shared their own similar hacks for helping little ones drop off.

“Hahaha. Good times, I used to do something similar to my daughters. But I'd just rub between the eyebrows to the tip of the nose. Without fail they would fall asleep,” one user wrote.

“Worked in child care with infants up to 12 year olds for a few years. Gently rubbing around their face always helped get them to sleep,” another shared.

“Belly rubs work, too, but then they start demanding them … which is cute when they’re two but starts getting weird when they’re almost twenty,” another parent teased.

The sleep hack isn’t the only trick parents have been sharing online recently.

Last year a mum came up with a simple yet genius hack to encourage children to put away their toys.

Jessica McGinty took to Facebook to share her solution which she hilariously named the ‘f***et bucket’

The premise is simple: any toys left strewn across the floor will go in the child’s bucket. If the toy is still in the bucket at the end of a day’s play, instead of being put where it belongs will go to toy heaven.

Meanwhile another mum’s clever hack to get poorly babies to take their medicine took the Internet by storm.

That was swiftly followed by a mum’s simple trick to help children tie their shoelaces, which garnered nearly 7 million views and 155,000 shares in one week.

But not all hacks are quite so successful. Back in May a mum divided the Internet with her DIY method of rocking her baby to sleep in his bouncing chair using a KitchenAid when people couldn’t decide if it was dangerous or genius.

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