People are loving this 5-year-old boy’s 'genius' shoe-tying hack

Some are calling Colton a ‘genius’ for this shoe-tying hack. (Photo screenshot: Facebook/Ashley Lillard)

If your child has ever had trouble tying shoelaces, then 5-year-old Colton Lillard might have the most clever shoe-tying hack you’ve ever seen.

Colton’s mom Ashley posted a Facebook video of her son demoing an easy “new” way to tie shoes. The video has garnered nearly 7 million views and 155,000 shares in one week.

“Coolest shoe tying trick ever!!! Posting to help anyone who is struggling like we were! Feel free to share,” wrote Ashley.

Colton appeared calm and collected as he proceeded with the “double-knotted and tied” shoe-tying trick on his red Nikes.

Comments were very well received. Many thanked Colton for his “clever trick” and are vowing to teach their kids and grandkids the same method. Some even praised Colton as being a “genius.”

But he’s being gracious and giving credit where it’s due.

Colton learned how to easily tie shoelaces from his friend River. (Photo screenshot: Facebook/Ashley Lillard)

“I learned that from my friend, River…and I tied my other one, with no video,” Colton confidently said into the camera after he finished tying his shoe.

Is this the most ingenious (or at least the cutest) shoe-tying hack you’ve ever seen?

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