Women are sharing their "weight" online to empower each other

Jameela Jamil has started a movement [Photo: PA]
Jameela Jamil has started a movement [Photo: PA]

Thanks to the culture we live in, a women can easily believe that her weight is synonymous with her worth.

Obviously this idea is ridiculous – there’s more to a person than whether they fit into a size eight dress or not – but thanks to the images and messages we’re bombarded with day to day, it’s difficult for that idea not to seep into our heads from somewhere.

Which is why Jameela Jamil is encouraging women to fight back and celebrate things about themselves which aren’t to do with their bodies.

Back in February, an image was posted of the Kardashians along with labels of their respective weights.

Jamil hit back against the post on Instagram and Twitter, writing underneath a screenshot of it: “Who gives a F*CK what weight you are?”

She added: “This is how women are taught to value themselves, in kg.”

Weeks later, she posted an image of herself with her own “weight” spelled out on it – and this started a movement.

The image had this written on it: “I weigh: Lovely relationship, great friends, I laugh every day, I love my job, I make an honest living, I’m financially independent, I speak out for women’s rights, I like my bingo wings, I like myself in spite of EVERYTHING I’ve been taught by the media to hate myself about. F*cking KG.”

HI KRISTEN BELL! Thanks for supporting our cause! ❤️ @kristenanniebell

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#iweigh #fuckingkg @charlihoward ❤️

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And since, other celebrities have joined her, including Charli Howard, Kristen Bell and Emmy Rossum.

Not to mention thousands of non-celebrities, some of whom are featured on Jamil’s dedicated Instagram page.

💃🏻 #iweigh #fuckingkg

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Look up the hashtag #iweigh and you can scroll through thousands of images of women celebrating their friendships, careers, skills and the hurdles that they’ve overcome.

Or check out the I Weigh Instagram page here.

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