Falling asleep to the sweet sounds of Bob Ross - one forum shares their top sounds to lull them to sleep

One internet forum provides their top tips for getting a blissful night’s sleep [Photo: Pexels]
One internet forum provides their top tips for getting a blissful night’s sleep [Photo: Pexels]

With more than a third of Brits suffering from sleep problems, it’s no surprise that when it comes to remedies, the population is getting desperate. One internet forum has compiled a list of sounds that are sure to lull you to sleep.

Including chatty podcasts and old Bob Ross TV episodes, the Reddit forum recommended a variety of sound solutions. So if you’re struggling to catch some zzz’s, try out the following:

  • An Alan Watts lecture on Zen Buddhism

  • A BBC documentary, such as The History of Money

  • Narrated by David Attenborough, the Planet Earth TV shows

  • The Calm app

  • The ASMR subreddit where videos of soft whispering and crinkling noises are shared

  • An audiobook of the holy bible

  • The Sleep with me podcast, a compilation of intentionally boring stories to inspire sleep

  • The audio from Bob Ross’s retro painting TV show

If you want to make a game of your insomnia, some users even recommended joining fellow redditors at the Futurama Sleepers subreddit. Dedicated to watching the adult cartoon while falling asleep, users report back with details of their strange dreams.

Statistics released in the Great British Bedtime Report found key factors that may be preventing you from getting precious shut eye. With stress, disturbance and noise topping the list of reasons preventing sleep, the report also revealed that 53% of survey respondents said their energy levels and moods were affected by not spending enough time between the sheets.

If none of those recommendations sound like a solution, there are other natural remedies that may inspire a solid night’s rest. Applying lavender essential oil to your temples, adjusting the temperature in the bedroom and taking melatonin are the three recommendations topping most sleep remedy lists.

Do you want to boost your social media following while improving your sleep routine? One particularly Instagrammable wellness trend has really kicked off – moon milk. A blend of herbs and spices, the concoction – supported by an herb commonly used in Ayurvedic medicine – is a frothy, warm beverage that promises a restful night’s sleep.

So whether you’re looking to post pretty beverages to Instagram before hitting the hay or playing Bob Ross’s greatest episodes on repeat, these tips should help you get some serious shut-eye before taking on the day.

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