#Whatfatgirlsactuallywear is trending on Instagram, and it's a game changer

Time to refresh your feed [Photo: Pexels]
Time to refresh your feed [Photo: Pexels]

Thank goodness for body positivity; without it, who knows if we’d ever see women above a size eight absolutely rocking it on a daily basis.

However, unless we follow certain bloggers, it’s not as if we’re flooded with images of bigger bodies all the time either.

Which is why the one of the latest hashtags to trend on Instagram is so important.

Type #Whatfatgirlsactuallywear into Instagram, and you’ll see images of plus-size women and men doing everyday things, in everyday clothes.

Basically, it offers the opportunity to peek into plus-size people’s closets and see that no item of clothing is out of bounds, regardless of what society says.

So far it’s been used more than 80,000 times and has been a hit with both renowned models and every day people around the world.

An important thing to mention is that the hashtag does use the word “fat” – but rather than acknowledging its usual use – as an insult – here it’s simply used like any other adjective.

It’s about real women reclaiming the word and reclaiming the clothes that the world is telling them they’re not allowed to wear.

“Fat people have every right to wear whatever they like when swimming, on hot days, or actually just all the f**king time in general,” Instagrammer Mulsa captioned under a recent post of herself in a bikini.

“And shaming their bodies because they had the audacity to wear weather appropriate clothing while it’s 100 degrees outside, actually makes you a MAJOR DOUCHE.”

Importantly, as well as discussing the ins and outs of ‘fatness’, many posts that use the hashtag don’t bring it up at all.

Instead, it’s simply women and men getting on with their lives like it’s no big deal.

Because existing and enjoying life as a larger person is not – apart from when you look darn fabulous, of course.

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