The depressing reason that men are better at navigating than women

Alice Sholl
It’s not because we’re “wired differently” [Photo: Pexels]

A large study has recently found that men are better at navigating than women.

But it also touched upon some reasons as to why this could be – and they aren’t pretty.

A computer game called Sea Hero Quest, which is used to test dementia, is a nautical adventure in which the player charts a course around oceans and islands using a smartphone screen.

As you do this, it anonymously record players’ sense of direction and navigational ability – and scientists at University College London found that men perform better in this than women.

Who knows how else inequality could be affecting women [Photo: Pexels]

But they also spotted that there was a connection between women’s performances and how equal the countries they lived were when it came to gender.

Professor Hugo Spiers told the BBC that he looked at data from the World Economic Forum’s Gender Gap Index, which studies equality in different places.

He said: “We don’t think the effects we see are innate.

“So countries where there is high equality between men and women, the difference between men and women is very small on our spatial navigation test.

As if inequality wasn’t already a nightmare for women [Photo: Pexels]

“But when there’s high inequality the difference between men and women is much bigger.

“And that suggests the culture people are living in has an effect on their cognitive abilities.”

The game is used to test dementia as getting lost or disorientated is an early sign of the disease.

But sounds like it’s countries with few opportunities for women that need to ground themselves.

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